‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Fear Lawson Bates Left His Dog Behind

Lawson Bates - Bringing Up Bates- Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans are concerned that Lawson Bates might have left his dog behind. The country music star has a German Shepherd named Duke. But fans haven’t seen much of the dog these days. Unfortunately, some of the family’s followers are worried that Lawson’s furry friend has been abandoned in a way. Keep reading for all of the details.

Lawson Bates adds Duke to his family.

If you follow Lawson on Instagram, you may recall hearing about his dog, Duke, who joined his family in August 2020. Lawson took to social media to share a couple of photos of himself and his dog, introducing Duke as his “sidekick.”

Lawson Bates - Bringing Up Bates- Instagram

After adding Duke to his family, Lawson created an Instagram profile for the pup. He shared regular updates on both his page and his dog’s page too. Bringing Up Bates fans gushed over the adorable dog and watched him grow up.

You can check out the original introduction post from Lawson below.


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Bringing Up Bates fans fear Lawson left Duke behind.

These days, however, Lawson doesn’t post much about Duke. There have been some big changes in Lawson’s life this year, from marrying Tiffany in May to moving into his first house with his new wife. For some reason, Duke hasn’t appeared in many of Lawson’s YouTube videos or Instagram posts unless he’s at his parents’ home. So, fans have begun to wonder if Lawson left Duke behind at his parents’ home when he married Tiffany.

Tiffany finally posted about Duke and Lawson on her Instagram Stories recently, but fans asked many questions about his post. You can see the photo below.

Tiffany Bates - Instagram

After seeing the photo, fans rushed to Reddit to discuss it. And many felt that it looked like Lawson was being reunited with his dog. One fan said, “Does Lawson’s dog even live with them? I swear this looks as if he hasn’t seen ‘his dog’ in some time…”

Another fan chimed in, “They were having a ‘fence built’ at their new house so he couldn’t move when they did. Pretty sure that’s code for ‘we travel too much for the responsibility of a dog so he stays with my parents.'”

Someone added, “I would say it is now the Bates family dog rather than his.”

Many Bringing Up Bates fans are disappointed that Lawson might not have realized the real responsibility of having a dog and that he chose to leave him behind at his parents’ home. It’s unclear what’s actually going on here though. Maybe Lawson will clear things up soon.

So, do you think that Lawson Bates left Duke behind when he moved to his new home with Tiffany? Do you think Duke will eventually live with Lawson again? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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