‘Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns Shares Shocking Thoughts On Series

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Turns out, Steve Burns had little hope that the Nickelodeon series Blue’s Clues would go on to be a staple in television for children. As hard as it might be to believe, Blue’s Clues first debuted back on September 8, 1996. Steve Burns was the original star of the show alongside his puppy Blue and all of his friends. While the star of the show has changed a few times since then, the series is still a staple in children’s entertainment as it continues to pop out new episodes.

Speaking to People Magazine, Steve Burns admits he is shocked at how successful the show has been because he wasn’t really feeling it when it first kicked off. Steve admitted to the outlet he thought the show as a bit too strange and just didn’t think people would connect with it.

Steve Burns didn’t think Blue’s Clues would work

Steve Burns hasn’t been the star of this children’s series for a while. But, he did come together with Donovan Patton and Joshua Dela Cruz for the movie called Blue’s Big City Adventure. Those interested in checking out the movie can find it on Paramount+. Sitting down with the two actors who ultimately filled his shoes as the new owners of Blue, Steve told people he just didn’t think the show was going to work.

Steven said to the outlet as he recalled his feelings toward the series: “thought it was simply too strange and too breakthrough, and I didn’t think the kids would talk back to the TV screen.”

These are all the things that I liked about it, but I didn’t think that they would work. I doubted it. I was skeptical that they would work. I liked that it was kind of the Rocky Horror Children’s Show.”

He thought the show was just weird

Steve Burns recalled sooting the pilot of Blue’s Clues during the interview. He said it felt like he was involved in “deeply weird television.”

Then it aired, and it became immediately No. 1, and it had this global reach and everything. It always felt like a very small and personal experience to me.”

For those unfamiliar with this “deeply weird” series, Blue’s Clues followed Steve and his puppy Blue as they figured out what his plans for each day were. His puppy would leave three clues throughout the house. With help from the viewers at home, Steve would find the clues and solve the puzzle left by his puppy. Steve Burns admits he thought the idea of a show relying on him talking to children through a TV screen and assuming they would talk back was bizarre. And, he just didn’t think it would work.

Blues Clues - YouTube
Blues Clues – YouTube

As fans know, the series lasted a decade before being revived under the name Blue’s Clues & You. The revival series was renewed for Season 5 in March of this year.

Have you had a chance to watch the Blue’s Clues movie yet? Are you surprised Steve Burns had no hopes for the children’s series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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