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‘Below Deck’ Fans Embarrassed By Alissa Humber, Why?

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Below Deck fans are embarrassed by Alissa Humber. They feel that she’s meddling with the other relationships within the crew. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Katie Glaser made out with Ross McHarg. It was the kiss that fans never saw coming.

In the premiere episode of Below Deck Season 10, Alissa made it clear that she was interested in Ross. She even did some flirty things with him in the tub and during dinner. Some fans think she’s trying to get in the way of Katie and Ross’s hookup. She went back on her previous claims of not “stepping on someone’s toes” in order to get their man.

Alissa & Ross [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Alissa Humber grinds on Ross McHarg

During the latest episode of Below Deck, the crew has another wild night out. This time, they hit up the club in St. Lucia. Katie dances with Ross while Camille Lamb makes out with Ben Willoughby. Alissa calls the ladies “hungry” while talking to chief stew Fraser Olender.

She said at the time that she “wants to flirt,” but she doesn’t “want to step on anyone’s toes.” That changed quickly when Alissa dances with Ross on the dancefloor. It quickly turns into a scene from Dirty Dancing. Suddenly, Alissa starts grinding on Ross.

Alissa, Katie & Ross [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
This makes Katie frustrated since they just kiss. She pulls him aside and says, “If you want to go for Alissa, do not think I’m holding you back.” Ross assures Katie that she’s the most attractive woman on the boat. However, Below Deck fans are aware that Ross is a player and has slept with many women in his life.

Katie tries to change the subject. She make her point clear in her confessional that she was frustrated with him. Katie figures out that she’s more upset with Alissa than Ross because “it’s a respect thing.” She even told Alissa that she was interested in him and they already kissed.

Below Deck fans get secondhand embarrassment

That didn’t stop Alissa from getting flirty with Ross on the way back to the yacht. He made it clear to her that he was into Katie. Regardless, the two got cozy, which upset Katie. She left the pool area and went to her cabin. Alissa ignored Katie’s feelings and started kissing Ross.

The two had a makeout session near the pool. Below Deck fans got secondhand embarrassment watching the scene play out. Most of them took to Twitter to call out Alissa for going back on her words. She tried to steal Ross away from Katie even though she said she was not that type of person.

  • “So Alissa says she won’t be the one to go after Ross & then proceeds to go after Ross.”
  • “Alissa loves stepping on toes.”
  • “Alissa is SUCH a b****, wow. DISRESPECT.”
  • “Omg I love Alissa she’s so f***Ing messy lmaoooo.”
  • “Alissa is embarrassing to WATCH talking about her n**les getting hard and last charter NOT wearing underwear to get male attention! GROSS!”

What are your thoughts on Below Deck fans embarrassed by Alissa Humber? Do you agree with them? Who do you think Ross should end up with? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. From what I saw Alissa is a bully and played with Camille mental health. She did everything she could to get Camille fired and now she’s pulling the race card. Camille did nothing that would make her racist toward Alissa if anything it was the other way around. Alissa is very sneaky.

  2. Alissa is a mess too. She is as rude as she can be too. Camille is ridiculous but in a different way Alissa is trying to gaslight everyone with the big boohooing cr*p. She needs to know that we have her number too. The only one that does her job and doesn’t create ridiculous drama is Hayly. I’d bet she could do the 2nd stew job and just fire BOTH of the others.

  3. I think that I would never do any charter on the below deck franchise as they DO NOT respect the clients…….can you imagine paying $$$$$$ to see you and your guests ridiculed on national tv? as for some cast members they need to be vetted more carefully including the so called egotistical captains(sandy and lee) need to
    lead like Kerry,Glen or jason. it seems like crew under the “bully’s captains have the most emotionally disturbed staff however bosun Ross is the most disgusting!!!!!!!

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