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Robert Garrison Brown Introduces His New Baby Girl To Instagram

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Robert Garrison Brown took to Instagram with a sleepy smile on his face over the weekend as he introduced his new baby girl to his 49.1K followers. His post included a detailed update with some information about his baby girl. His post also included several photos of his new baby. These photos even included one photo of his mother Janelle holding the newest member of Garrison’s family.

Robert Garrison Brown introduces his baby girl to Instagram

As those who follow Garrison on Instagram know, it wasn’t too terribly long ago that he introduced an adorable furbaby to his family. He later decided to name his new cat, Catthew. It was back in February of this year that he revealed his name with a short video of his new cat playing with his dangling nametag on his collar.


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Turns out, Robert Garrison Brown may just be a cat person as he has recently decided to add a new feline to the family. In his recent Instagram post, Garrison shared a photo of himself with an adorable kitten perched on his shoulder.

He penned in the caption of his post: “Meet Patches O’Houlihan, I stole her from a cave and she wont stop whispering ancient Sumerian texts to me.”

Garrison shared several precious photos of his new baby girl. One photo featured Janelle with her arms wrapped around Patches Janelle had a huge smile on her face as she snuggled her fur grandbaby.


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Sister Wives fans reacted to the precious photos

Now, Robert Garrison Brown doesn’t have nearly as many followers as other members of his family. But, that doesn’t stop him from being relatively active on social media. For the most part, he uses his Instagram following to share his photography with the world. He, however, does post the occasional post updating on his life. Most fans would agree it is a rare treat to see a current photo of Garrison.

For the most part, his followers squealed variations of how cute his new baby girl was. A few fans pointed out that his mother Janelle looked incredible and glowing with happiness. Many of his followers also agreed that Patches was incredibly lucky to have been discovered by Garrison. And, they are sure Garrison will take very good care of her.

Garrison Brown from Instagram

Let us know what you think of the newest member of Garrison’s family in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all things Sister Wives.

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  1. Best wishes to Patches on finding just the right human to adopt. You two look to be a great fit! I am sure he will treat you like the Queen you are…..he seems to be one of the good guys. Be blessed!!

  2. having babies, is no spectular event its not news worthy and besides all of the shit they have revealed isn’t worth gun. Powder Some of the kids are attracted to this lifestyle making them criminalsil they engage in plural marriage

    1. He got a CAT, not a real baby. And by the way, none of Kody Brown’s kids plan on practicing polygamy. Seeing how miserable their mother’s were and having experienced the crappy parenting from Kody, none, not a single one wants anything to do with plural marriage. All the kids have stated this publicly. Maybe next time you post you should read the story and know the background of the people before making an inaccurate and inane comment.

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