Grayson Chrisley Won’t Do College & Here’s Why

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Todd and Julie Chrisley’s youngest son, Grayson, was a guest on Savannah’s most recent episode of her podcast,¬†Unlocked. During the first half of the podcast, Grayson and his sister Savannah discussed college and what he sees himself doing in the future. Being brutally honest with his big sister, he’s pretty quick to shut down the possibility of going to college noting that it just isn’t for him. Savannah Chrisley is noticeably taken aback by her brother’s response and wants to dig into it deeper.

Grayson Chrisley won’t do college and here’s why

Todd Chrisley’s youngest son explains that college is just a financial trap that leaves a person finding to climb out of a black hole of debt for the rest of their lives. He tells his sister that he doesn’t need a piece of paper to tell him he’s good enough.

Moreover, Grayson believes there is a very short list of careers that require a person to go to college. Careers such as being a doctor or a chemist. And, he does not have an interest in any of the careers on the short “must go to college” list. Presently, Grayson admits he has two career paths in mind. His first choice would be to be a developer. And, he says he just has to acquire a few licenses and he’s good to go. Interestingly enough, he admits he also likes the idea of being a professional bodybuilder.

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Savannah Chrisley tries to shut it down noting that bodybuilding is not an attractive career path and he should stick to developing. Grayson explains that when a bodybuilder strips down to their sweaty tank top, everyone in the room stops and looks. This is something he thinks is an incredible feeling. And, he would love to be in that position one day.

He would go to college for one reason alone

Grayson admits to his sister that if he got a scholarship via baseball, he would go to college for that. He, however, isn’t going to college if he has to pay for it. And, he certainly isn’t going to college for the fun of it or just for the experience. Savannah Chrisley argues that she’s decided to go back to school because she wants to be able to tell people she did it. Grayson Chrisley clarifies that is where they differ. He explains he doesn’t care what people think. Moreover, he just doesn’t see college as this big accomplishment to brag about.

As the two siblings debate, Grayson argues that he is surrounded by successful people that never went to college. So, he won’t be convinced it is necessary to survive. For the most part, he says his father is on board with what he wants. He, however, admits that Julie is a little less happy about him not wanting to go to college.

Does it surprise you that Grayson is so adamantly against college? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. College isn’t just for career, it’s for the experience. So good on you, not going for the party or how you think it will impress others or set you up for a job. Do it for your own enrichment. Determine your own course of study. The 4 years to find yourself and bond with people in a way life will never afford you again – easy to gloss over when you’re young, but I assure you will cherish as you age. Unless you’re suckered in by a for profit ponzi scam school, no one ever says they regret the College experience, but many regret they didn’t go, especially when they were still young.

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