’90 Day Fiance’ Tiffany Franco’s Husband Ronald Impregnated Gf?

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90 Day Fiancé star Ronald Smith’s girlfriend Lauren Fraser is rumored to be pregnant and the news isn’t sitting well with his ex-Tiffany Franco. The former couple shared their story on the TLC series after which they parted ways in August 2021. However, both have been very active on social media and are often seen dissing one another. Although Ronald wants nothing to do with Tiffany, fans feel she still pines over him and wishes to get back, especially now that he has moved on. Are the rumors true? Is Ronald’s girlfriend really pregnant? Keep reading to find out the details!

Tiffany Franco Feels Pity For Ronald’s Girlfriend

Speculations started after a fan asked Tiffany during a TikTok live whether she knew if Ronald’s girlfriend is really pregnant. The video was reshared on a Reddit forum by the same fan. They captioned the post, “I received a tip that Ronald told Tiffany his GF is pregnant back in November, so I asked her.”

In the clip, Tiffany read out the fan’s question, “Is Ronald’s girlfriend really pregnant?”

Tiffany Franco YouTube 90 Day Fiance

[Source: YouTube]

With a pause and a weird smirk, she replied, “Maybe.”

As she continued laughing at the question, she sipped from a cup trying to control her emotions.  With her hands on her chest, she said, “Imagine! Poor girl!”

Is Tiffany Franco Responsible For Her Relationship’s Demise?

However, fans bashed her for belittling Ronald and pointed out how she still craves him. One fan noted, “Omg it’s true! The way she said maybe and took an awkward drink to cover her face is a dead giveaway.”

“Took a drink of nothing I might add, “said another.

A third fan recounted the past questioning, “But why does Tiffany act so righteous? Like, girl, you chose the guy. This isn’t a game, now your kid has her father on a different continent for life. Take some accountability and be humble for once.”

Tiffany Bashes Lauren For Getting Involved With A Married Man

Ronald introduced his new partner, who is from Australia, on Instagram and shared several lovey-dovey moments with her. Fans were happy that the reality star moved on. However, Tiffany was hurt as he publicly introduced his girlfriend while still being married to her on paper. She even called out Lauren for being in a relationship with a married man.

Lauren Fraser Ronald Smith Instagram 90 Day Fiance

[Source: Instagram]

The 28-year-old, who recently lost over 80lbs pounds, also stated that she loves Ronald. She also noted that he posted the video with Lauren out of spite. However, Ronald refuted all the claims and confirmed he doesn’t wish to be with Tiffany.

As per an insider, Ronald tried to make it work with Tiffany before moving on with Lauren. However, the 28-year-old tricked him into believing things were working between the two while simultaneously seeing other guys. the source also claimed that they are no longer together only on paper.

Do you think Ronald’s girlfriend is really pregnant? Is Tiffany green with jealousy and attempting to hide her true feelings? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Tiffany move on girl. This man is no Bueno. Move on already. He isn’t going to change not for you not for anyone on this planet. He is just a bad seed. He has absolutely nothing to offer you Tiffany or his child so forget about him.

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