‘GMA’ Fans Shocked As Ginger Zee Shows Off Bare Tummy

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GMA fans are shocked as Ginger Zee shows off her bare tummy. The meteorologist snapped a new photo for her followers. Ginger flaunted her body in a tiny little top. She was feeling body-confident, so she wanted to share it on Instagram before heading out to the gym. Ginger had the chance to humble-brag. Keep reading to learn more and to see the photo for yourself.

GMA meteorologist puts her tummy on display

Ginger Zee loves to show off her fashion sense. That recently came back to bite her as some judged her for her attire. Some GMA fans claim that she’s too hot for morning TV. Ginger took to her Instagram Stories to show off her new outfit, which revealed her taut tummy.

In her new photo, Ginger wore a black peasant-style crop top with matching leggings. She snapped the photo inside her bathroom. The television star said she planned to wear the unconventional outfit to the gym. Yet, she didn’t want to get sweaty.

Ginger Zee Shows Off Style [Good Morning America | Twitter]
[Good Morning America | Twitter]
“But what if the workout outfit is too cute to get all sweaty???” Ginger Zee captioned the Instagram Story. “@benaarontv will have many questions.”

She also tagged Kira Grace, who is a yoga instructor. Ginger had fans shocked over her attire. This came after she shared that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction in an old broadcast of the talk show. At the time, Ginger traveled to Lake Mead in Nevada and Arizona.

Ginger Zee's Workout Outfit [Ginger Zee | Instagram Stories]
[Ginger Zee | Instagram Stories]
The weatherwoman talked about the reservoir levels. They were the lowest ever during the drought. Ginger made her way through the thick mud. Little did she know that her jeans would fall down and that she accidentally flashed her black underwear in front of millions.

Ginger Zee managed to play it cool. She tried to get her legs out of the mud. One fan recalled the incident to which Ginger retweeted. She wrote: “I giggle about this often.” In that same show, she almost fell into quicksand.

Ginger Zee shows off impressive strength

Ginger Zee has been working out hard at the gym, regardless of what outfit she wears. In fact, she even led an entire Body By Mark session in her home for about an hour.

Ginger held a pair of weights as she showed off her impressive strength. She performed a variety of workouts, including jumping jacks, lunges, and pushups.

GMA fans couldn’t stop talking about her strength. They noticed that she barely broke a sweat while doing the vigorous exercises. Some also noted that Ginger has incredible legs. Being on Dancing with the Stars inspired her to get into killer shape.

What are your thoughts on GMA fans being shocked as Ginger Zee shows off her bare tummy? Did the photo shock you as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Ginger is always appropriate. She’s entitled to show her midriff going to the gym. Tired of foolish criticisms. Amy and TJ’s relationship is not wonderful. But it’s also not scandalous. They are 2 consenting adults. Let’s start supporting and encouraging people instead of trying to tear them down. Btw – I’m a 75 year old woman.

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