Nick Cannon Hospitalized Hours After Sold Out Show

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Scary news for fans of Nick Cannon as it was confirmed he was hospitalized just hours after his sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of fans. The 42-year-old rapper, actor, and TV personality took to Instagram about 24 hours ago with a terrified photo of himself wearing a mask while tucked into a hospital bed. Hooked to a machine and wearing a hospital gown, Nick Cannon confirmed he had been hospitalized hours after his performance. And, he proceeded to explain exactly what landed him in the hospital.

Nick Cannon Hospitalized Hours After Sold Out Show

Kicking off his post, the 42-year-old admitted he was in a very humbling experience as he sat tucked into a hospital bed. A place he never thought he would end up again. A place he promised he would never return to. Nick explained that he is realizing now he isn’t Superman and he is capable of getting sick just like everyone else.

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He continued: “But this is a great lesson to take care of YOU or YOU won’t be able to take care of everyone else.”

Nick Cannon proceeded to tell his 6M Instagram followers not to “trip” as he didn’t feel like he was knocking on death’s door at this point in time.

He explained: “I don’t need any well wishes or prayers , just some solid rest and I will be back on the journey to becoming stronger than ever… it’s just pneumonia, nothing I can’t handle.”


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Nick Cannon admitted it was hard to think about the fact that he had performed in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden last night. And, now, he was alone in a small hospital bed.

Crazy thing is, last night we was just rocking a sold out crowd at Madison square garden in front of thousands of fans, now I’m all alone in a tiny hospital room. Life is definitely a rollercoaster! #LupusWarrior

He Has Lupus

In January of this year, Nick Cannon opened up about being diagnosed with Lupus. It was on The Nick Cannon Show that he revealed he had been diagnosed with Lupus ten years ago. Shockingly, he admitted that he nearly died because of it.

Ten years ago, I experienced a sudden and mysterious illness that almost took my life. At the time, I had no idea it was lupus. And, you know me, I always have to have a camera on. So I would literally open up my phone, grab my camera and I would talk to the camera, and I documented the entire health journey.”

Despite saying he didn’t need prayers or well-wishes, Nick was loved by many with a following on Instagram alone that exceed 6M. So, it was no surprise they ignored his words and showed him with well-wishes anyway.

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