Kate Gosselin’s Journal Reveals Abusive Tendencies, Mommy Shame

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Kate Gosselin is back in the news and it’s not a good thing. One of her eight children with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin is speaking out. Collin, now 18, is sharing what his life was like with his mom and where they stand today. Furthermore, it is clear that he has been far better off with his father than with Kate. Now, in journal excerpts from a new book, Kate is painted out to be a short-tempered monster. Whether she was overwhelmed or just did not know what she was doing, it was clear to see that Collin’s complaints are completely validated.

Kate Gosselin’s Journal Reveals Abusive Tendencies

Kate and Jon’s son Collin has been very forthcoming about his strained relationship with his mother. It really dates back to her putting him in an institution in 2016. She alleged that the then twelve-year-old had behavioral issues but his father Jon disputes this. He claims that Collin simply had ADHD and that was it. Yet, Collin notes his relationship with his mother was not great prior to the admittance to the institution. “Even before [the institution], I don’t think we had much of a relationship and I think that just kept tearing it even more down,” the teenager explained to Kevin Frazier of ET.

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Kate did not even attend the custody hearing in 2019 so Collin ended up with his father. However, according to @withacrystalball, Kate’s journals detail a mother who was struggling for a long time. All of this was published in the book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, written by Richard Hoffman. It takes excerpts from her journal which discussed her abusive behavior toward her children as she had a very short fuse.

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Apparently, Kate once spanked her five-year-old daughter for blowing a whistle. Additionally, she allegedly whipped and spanked her kids if they struggled to potty train. The spanking and whipping also carried over to ensure they would not leave their cribs. In essence, she wanted them to be afraid of her. Further, she carried a wooden spoon with her for disciplinary action. Her staffers were even aware of the cruel punishment she bestowed upon the children.

Collin Got It The Worst

Out of all of Kate Gosselin’s children, it seemed that Collin got it the worst. She could not understand how he could go from being so sweet to have such horrible issues. There was a time when he poured beans all over the floor. He then appeared to have thrown three highchairs onto the floor which sent Kate into a rage. She apparently was so infuriated that the spankings she gave him were so fierce, she thought she might hurt him. The consistent spankings after the kids stripped down were just mind-blowing but after Collin’s interview, are you shocked by all of this?

Did you expect all of this from Kate or did this extreme come as a shock? Let us know in the comments below.

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