Netflix Fought To Ax This Line From ‘Wednesday’

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Turns out, Tim Burton’s original script for the Netflix Original Series Wednesday was a little too much for even the streaming giant. According to an interview with IndieWire, there were a few lines the streaming giant wanted to be axed from the show before Season 1 was released. On one line in particular, creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar didn’t agree with Netflix and fought hard to keep the original line in the series. What exactly did Netflix executives want to remove from Tim Burton’s original script of Wednesday? Keep reading for the details.

Wednesday: Netflix tries to shut down “stabbing”

According to the creators, there was a line involving “stabbing” that Netflix executives were not too fond of. During one scene, Wednesday’s roommate Enid Sinclair encouraged her roommate to “take a stab at being social.” Wednesday responded: “I do like stabbing. The social part, not so much.” 

Turns out, Netflix wasn’t too happy with the violent quip and pushed for it to be removed from the final script. The creators, however, stood their ground on the OG line citing that it was on point with the personality of Wednesday Addams.

Speaking to the outlet, argued that the violent quip was “the whole point of the character.” And that removing that particular line would “dilute” the personality of the character. And, that was a betrayal of the personality they wanted to portray Wednesday Addams with.

Wednesday - Netflix
Wednesday – Netflix

The character was well-received

Initially, people weren’t too happy with the idea of Jenna Ortega playing Wednesday Addams in the Netflix Original Series. This is because a lot of people were comparing her to Lisa Loring and Christina Ricci. Jenna, however, admitted during an interview that she opted not to get advice on how to play Wednesday Addams from Christina Ricci as she had her own ideas on what the character should look like. And, she didn’t want to soil that with advice from an actress that previously played the role.

Wednesday - Netflix
Wednesday – Netflix

Knowing the time of shows Netflix puts out there (such as Stranger Things and Squid Game), does it surprise you that the streaming giant executives took issue with some of the lines from the OG script of Wednesday? Do you think tweaking the OG script crafted by Tim Burton too much is a mistake on Netflix’s part? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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