Amy Halterman Shocks With Huge Weightloss, See Pic

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The Kentucky-based reality sisters Amy Halterman and Tammy Willingham (née Slaton) are welcoming new and happy changes in their life. While Tammy got married to the love of her life, Amy is flaunting a big weight loss and showing off her curves at her sister’s wedding. The 35-year-old introduced her newly-wed sister and her husband, Caleb, to TLC cameras asking fans to stay tuned for 1000-lb. Sisters Season 4. Keep reading to find out more details!

When Does 1000-lb. Sisters Season 4 Premiere?

Flaunting her blue hair in an apricot-orange dress and black boots, the reality star looked her leanest best in the Instagram video. In the background, Tammy sat in a wheelchair alongside her husband dressed in a beautiful white gown. Introducing the newlyweds, Amy said, “Ok, y’all, there’s no more Slaton sisters. I would love to present to y’all the Willinghams.”


Addressing the fans, Tammy said, “Y’all knew me as Tammy Slaton but now y’all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham. I’m married now!”

The bride also asked fans to stay tuned for the upcoming season of the TLC series slated to premiere on January 17.

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Amy Halterman Looks Half her size

With her sister, Tammy’s latest marriage announcement Amy was all smiles as she told the world ‘No more Slaton sisters’ referring to Tammy’s new last name Willingham and since Amy goes by Halterman hence no more Slaton last name. It is a big deal that Tammy got married but just as important to fans is the HUGE weight loss Amy showed off in her off-the-shoulder orange dress. Amy looks to have lost half her body weight.

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1000lb Sisters Amy Halterman’s weightloss journey

Among the two sisters, Amy has been more successful in bringing her weight down after which she was approved for gastric bypass surgery to help in her weight loss journey. She has maintained her concentration and dedication to her plan to lose weight and improve her health. However, several fans were scared that Amy’s second pregnancy would negatively affect her weight loss journey. Some even claimed that she only decided to lose weight to have another child. Now that she is a mother of two beautiful kids, fans think she might revert to her old habits. Clearly, Amy Halterman is back on her weight loss track after recently giving birth to baby Glen.


TLC viewers who wish to know more about the newly-wed couple can check out the drama unfolding in 1000-lb. Sisters Season 4.

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