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Zach Roloff Begs Fans For Cash From Cushy $1M Home

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From the comforts of his cushy $1M home and his $700K net worth, Zach Roloff sets up a GoFundMe and begs LPBW fans to help fund his trip to Bogota, Colombia. What is he traveling to Colombia and how do fans feel about him hitting them up for cash? Keep reading for the details.

Zach Roloff begs for cash from comfort of $1M home

According to Zach Roloff’s post, he’s heading to Bogota, Colombia as part of a futsal tournament. Zach proceeds to tell his followers that the tournament is about more than just fun. It also helps raise awareness about the dwarf community.

He continued to explain: “We still have a ways to go in some areas but you realize how far we are ahead once you go to one of these countries. Things like lower toilets and consistent ramp accessibility are close to non-existent.”

Shifting the conversation, Zach added that his team set up a GoFundMe account to assist in covering the costs of some “extras” associated with the trip.

The link is in my bio and stories. I’ll be posting regular updates when I am there so everyone can follow along. This money will go towards coaching, travel and game day expenses. *This go fund me does not benefit me directly* but will greatly help the team and tournament I am apart of.

Zach Roloff did take the time to clarify that the GoFundMe campaign was not to his personal benefit. Heading over to the campaign, the goal is to raise $3,000 for the team. Presently, the campaign has raised just shy of that at $2,850.

A man and a woman celebrate
Zach and Tori Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

LPBW fans crucify the TLC personality

In the comments of his Instagram post, LPBW fans admit they are disgusted to see him hitting fans up for money. Whether the funds benefit him personally or not, fans agree Zach could have simply footed the $3K bill for his team. Here’s what frustrated fans had to say in response:

  • “Why doesn’t the show film stuff like this? This is actually interesting. Not the same endless storylines again and again.”
  • “You are worth millions why are you begging people to support your go fund me.”
  • “I’m wondering why a tv star is posting a personal go fund me? Don’t you have the money to pay for this?”
  • Zach Roloff - LPBW
    Zach Roloff – LPBW

Does it surprise you that Zach Roloff would ask fans for cash from the comfort of his cushy $1M home despite having an estimated net worth of $700K? Do you think Zach really needs help paying for this trip? More importantly, what do you think about his fans getting frustrated with him for hitting them up for money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. I can’t stand the crybaby as it is. This makes me like him even less. His dad didn’t give him the farm or let him have it at a big discount. He has turned his back on his dad. What a jerk. Can’t stand Victoria either. She’s sticking her nose in where it don’t belong. If it weren’t for the money she wouldn’t even be with Zach. I’m losing my interest in the show. I used to love it.

    1. Zach and Tori are so annoying. They make more money being on a TV show and doing nothing. If it weren’t for Matt and Amy they starting the show and getting them on it they would have to get real jobs. But everything is Matt’s fought, what a couple of self centered people. Who wants to listen to them whine all the time.

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