More Proof Emerges Of Kendra & Joe Duggar’s Secret Baby?

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Has more proof emerged of Kendra and Joe Duggar’s secret baby? For months, fans have speculated that the couple has welcomed their fourth child to the world. There have been little hints here and there but no official announcements from any members of the Duggar family.

In two recent YouTube videos, there has been quite a bit of proof that the former Counting On stars could be parents to four kids now. Keep reading for all of the details.

Fans may know that Joe and Kendra have three young kids, Garrett, Addison, and Brooklyn. In the past few months, the couple has been spotted with a younger baby. Some fans have argued that it might just be one of their many nieces and nephews. However, fans also have reasons to believe there are “secret babies” in the Duggar family. Fans think both Lauren and Josiah Duggar had a secret baby as well.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar Instagram
Joseph and Kendra Duggar Instagram

This is because several of the family members have disappeared from social media and are no longer sharing updates about their lives. So, they may not announce births anymore.  Jim Bob Duggar added fuel to the fire by saying Joy Forsyth’s third child is his 30th grandkid. As far as fans know, he has 25 grandchildren and two more on the way,  so there is a chance that there are three “secret babies.” Fans assume one is Kendra and Joe Duggar’s. And with this new proof, it seems like there’s a good chance that fans are right.

More Proof Emerges Of Kendra & Joe Duggar’s Secret Baby?

On Reddit, one eagle-eyed Duggar Snarker shared a couple of screenshots they took from Joy Forsyth’s gender reveal video, which premiered on YouTube on Friday. In the snaps, Joe has a baby inside his jacket. One fan said, “A man doesn’t wear a random baby for sure.”

Another fan added, “By now it’s fair to say with 100% certain that Kendra had baby 4 and Lauren had baby 2.”

Below, you can see the photos of Kendra and Joe Duggar.

Kendra & Joe Duggar - Duggars Snark Reddit - Joy Forsyth YouTube
Kendra & Joe Duggar – Duggars Snark Reddit – Joy Forsyth YouTube

The family has still not confirmed Kendra and Joe Duggar’s fourth child, but these pictures only add to the speculation.

So, do you think this is enough proof of Kendra and Joe Duggar’s secret baby? Or are you still unsure what to believe? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news. Below, you can watch Joy Forsyth’s full gender reveal video and see Kendra and Joe there with their kids.

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