Jim Bob Duggar Says 30 Grandkids Not 25, More Coming Soon?

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Former 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar mentioned that he has 30 grandkids. However, fans only know of 25 of those grandchildren, so something isn’t adding up. Does this mean more babies are on the way? Keep reading for all of the details.

The Duggar family is always growing. Many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are now married and have started their own families. Because there are often new babies being born, it’s challenging for fans to keep track of all of the grandchildren.

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Plus, some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children have decided to live their lives out of the spotlight, meaning we don’t get a lot of updates about their families.

Jim Bob Duggar mentions having 30 grandkids.

Joy-Anna Forsyth recently announced to fans that she’s expecting her third baby! The Duggar daughter shared a YouTube video, which features the moments in which she shared her exciting news with her family members. Over FaceTime, she told Jim Bob that she’s pregnant again.

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When Joy-Anna told her father the news, she said she wasn’t sure how many grandkids he has now. Jim Bob Duggar proudly said that her baby will be number 30. He added, “It’s one-half times the amount of kids now. That’s crazy.”

Who are all of the Duggar grandchildren?

Below, you can find a list of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 25 known grandchildren.

  1. Mackynzie Duggar
  2. Michael Duggar
  3. Marcus Duggar
  4. Israel Dillard
  5. Meredith Duggar
  6. Spurgeon Seewald
  7. Henry Seewald
  8. Samuel Dillard
  9. Mason Duggar
  10. Gideon Forsyth
  11. Garrett Duggar
  12. Felicity Vuolo
  13. Ivy Seewald
  14. Addison Duggar
  15. Bella Duggar
  16. Maryella Duggar
  17. Grace Duggar
  18. Evelyn Forsyth
  19. Evangeline Vuolo
  20. Brooklyn Duggar
  21. Fern Seewald
  22. Madyson Duggar
  23. Truett Duggar
  24. Frederick Dillard
  25. Charlie Duggar

Numbers 26 and 27 are on the way. Both Hannah Duggar and Joy-Anna Forsyth are pregnant right now. But something isn’t adding up with Jim Bob’s count.

There has been heavy speculation that Kendra and Joe Duggar welcomed a “secret baby.” Fans also believe Josiah and Lauren Duggar have had their second child by now. However, both couples have been absent from social media for months.

If these rumors are true, that would bring the count up to 29, including Hannah’s and Joy-Anna’s babies. So, one grandkid is still missing. Maybe there is another baby on the way that has not been announced yet.

So, who do you think might have had a secret baby? Or do you think Jim Bob Duggar might have miscalculated the number of grandkids he actually has? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates. You can watch Joy-Anna’s YouTube video below.

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