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Is Jimmy Fallon Dead? #RIPJimmyFallon Trends On Twitter


Jumping on Twitter this morning the big question everyone is asking is simple: Is Jimmy Fallon dead? Turns out #RIPJimmyFallon started trending on Twitter last night and it has many wondering if the TV personality passed away. At just 48 years old, his death would come as an unexpected shock.

Is Jimmy Fallon dead?

First things first, is Jimmy Fallon dead? Presently, there are no legitimate reports anywhere confirming Jimmy Fallon passed away at the age of 48. Likewise, he posted on his own Twitter profile just 7 hours ago. Presumably, before he went to bed. So, there is no reason to believe Jimmy Fallon has actually passed away.

So, where did #RIPJimmyFallon come from?

Turns out, it was 11 hours ago that a Twitter account called Eclipse Shade first tweeted using the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon. The tweet implied that he passed away. It, however, included a photo of James Corden, not Jimmy Fallon.

A few hours later, Jimmy Falon himself used the hashtag calling on Elon Musk to “fix it.” While he didn’t really elaborate, his followers assumed he was asking Elon to deal with the hashtag being attached to the fake news of his death.

One individual jokingly penned in response to Jimmy’s tweet asking Elon to deal with the problem: “Jimmy, to clarify, you’re asking Elon to remove the hashtag right? You’re not asking him to bring you back from the dead, that would be impossible. Twitter can’t even make an edit button..”

Another chimed in blaming Elon Musk for everyone believing Jimmy was dead: “It’s trending because Twitter allows fake news now. There are no adults in the board room or moderators. Elon Musk fired them all. This is what Twitter looks like when anything goes and you can literally crash corporate stocks with a fake tweet.”

Feeding into the joke, one fan penned: “This is just another fake account, we all know you’re dead.” The “fake account” they were referring to being Jimmy’s actual account.

Joining in on the joke, many others started tweeting photos of other celebrities with the #RIPJimmyFallon hashtag

A few individuals even wondered what Jimmy Fallon was going to think when he got online and saw the hashtag was trending all night.

Some of Jimmy Fallon’s fans were disgusted

Now, there were many people on Twitter who didn’t find the trending #RIPJimmyFallon to be funny. Some noted it was “disgusting” to make people believe Jimmy Fallon was actually dead.

Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Were you surprised to see #RIPJimmyFallong trending on Twitter? Are you relieved to know he doesn’t appear to be dead? Is it bizarre that even Jimmy himself used the hashtag that has people thinking he’s dead? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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