Pete Davidson Replaces Kim Kardashian With Young Hot Model

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The internet believes Pete Davidson has finally replaced Kim Kardashian with a new girlfriend — and it appears as if he’s now dating a newly single young hot model. Who is Pete Davidson’s new rumored girlfriend? Is Kim Kardashian dating anyone yet? Keep reading for the juicy details.

When did Pete and Kim break up?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were a couple that had the internet baffled. Many fans of the Kardashian family were convinced the relationship was nothing more than a PR stunt. The two were first spotted together in October of last year. They were an item for about nine months before calling it quits. There were some rumors the couple got busted for still getting together a few times after breaking up.

As far as fans know, Kim Kardashian is single right now. There, however, are rumors swirling that Pete Davidson has a new girlfriend.

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Pete Davidson replaces Kim Kardashian with hot, young model

Pete Davidson was spotted on a date with none other than newly-single hot model, Emily Ratajkowski. At 31 years old, Emily is 11 years younger than Kim Kardashian and just a few years older than Pete Davidson. Emily is a fairly popular model with nearly 30M followers on Instagram.

Turns out, it was a celebrity gossip Instagram account called Deuxmoi that first made the claims Pete Davidson is dating Emily Ratajkowski.


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According to People Magazine, a source close to Pete Davidson has since come forward to confirm Pete and Emily are dating each other. Across social media platforms, fans are praising Pete as a legend for “bagging yet another 10.” On Instagram, some have jokingly admitted Pete’s string of hot girlfriends has only made him more attractive.

For fans of Emily Ratajkowski, news of the relationship was a bit of a shock. She has only been single for about a month. And, she’d previously mentioned that she was enjoying her newfound freedom as she felt as though this was the first time she’d ever really been single.

Do you think this newly-single hot model is Pete’s new girlfriend? How do you think Kim Kardashian feels about this budding new rumored romance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Kardashian news.

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