Zach Roloff Shares Favorite Things To Do With Each Child

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Zach Roloff took to Instagram last night to check in with fans of Little People, Big World. He recognized he didn’t usually post selfies of himself on his profile. But, he had 2M followers on Instagram and he was in the mood to answer some questions. So, Zach left the door open for fans to pour their thoughts into his comment section. And, that’s just what many of his followers did.

Several fans were interested in talking about Zach’s children. One fan asked what were some things Zach really enjoyed doing with his children. Zach admitted what he enjoys doing differs from one child to the next as he likes to make the experience fun for all.

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What does Zach Roloff enjoy doing with each kid?

For LPBW fans, it came as no surprise that Zach Roloff enjoys being able to connect with Jackson through sports. Right now, Jackson Roloff is involved hi soccer. And, Zach really loves having this connection with him. So, he admitted soccer was one of his favorite things to do with Jackson right now.

Zach Roloff revealed that he likes getting out in the world and exploring nature with Lilah. He painted a picture of him walking around his property with his daughter. He added that Lilah really enjoyed checking for eggs with him while they were walking around.

Being small and new to the family, Zach’s activities with Josiah are a little limited at the moment. But, for Zach, just being with his son Josiah is everything to him. Zach Roloff explained that just getting to hold his son Josiah and cuddle him was a favorite activity of his.

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In answering the question, what Zach really admitted was that his favorite things to do with his children are things that make his children happy. For Zach, just seeing the smile on his children’s faces is more than enough. So, he comes to enjoy whatever activities his children enjoy doing.

LPBW fans responded to his answer

In response to his answer, fans admit they loved that he took the time to answer some of the questions. Many fans pointed out that his answer to this question showed how great of a father he really was. A few fans even seized a moment to gush about how cute his children are. A couple of fans also agreed that baby cuddles were the best.

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