John Aniston Net Worth At Time Of Death Revealed

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With the news of John Aniston’s death comes the question of what his net worth was at the time of his passing.

As TvShowsAce previously reportedDays Of Our Lives fans were hit with pretty sad news this morning when Jennifer Aniston confirmed her father John passed away over the weekend. John Aniston was considered a legend among fans of soaps as he held a role in DOOL for decades.

Whenever a celebrity passes away, fans of the celebrity rush to Google to learn anything there is to know about the celebrity. One interesting tidbit of information the internet always seems to want to know at the time of a celebrity’s passing is their net worth. So, what was DOOL star John Aniston’s net worth at the time of his passing? Keep reading for the information.

John Aniston youtube


DOOL star John Aniston’s net worth at time of death

Being such an icon for fans of soaps, it is no surprise that John Aniston had amassed an explosive net worth prior to his passing According to Celebrity Net Worth, the soap star was estimated to be worth every bit of $10M at the time of his passing. How did he accumulate his wealth? How does his net worth compare to that of his daughter, Jennifer?

As Celebrity Net Worth reminds us, John Aniston held the role of Victor Kiriakis on the NBC soap opera Days Of Our Lives since 1985. He appeared as Victor on Friday’s new episode of the soap. His time on the soap opera, however, dates even further back. He has continuously been a cast member for the soap since all the way back to 1969. His very first stint on the series was as the role of Eric Richards.

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What is Jennifer Aniston’s net worth right now?

As massive as John Aniston’s net worth is, it is but a dime in the bucket compared to his daughter. Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is estimated to be $320M as of 2022. Presently, she is considered to be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Also per Celebrity Net Worthit is estimated that Jennifer Aniston brings in an annual salary of over $20M for acting gigs and endorsements.

Jennifer is also well-known for being one of the core characters of the sitcom Friends. During the 2003 and 2004 seasons of the series, Jennifer and her female co-stars reportedly earned a $1M salary per episode of the series. This made Jennifer and her co-stars the highest-paid actresses on television at the time.

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Fans’ thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer Aniston and her family as they mourn the passing of John.

Rest, in peace, John Aniston.

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