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Carson Daly Stunned By Savannah Guthrie’s Blatant Disrespect

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Savannah Guthrie told a joke during the Today Show, however, it might not have gone over too well, In fact, Carson Daly even made things a bit awkward with his on-air response.

Carson Daly confused by Savannah Guthrie

In a recent clip from Today, Carson Daly is featured while chatting about People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year (who is Chris Evans). However, while talking about the award things got a little weird when Savannah Guthrie jumped in with a joke and Carson didn’t seem quite sure how to handle the whole thing The Sun reports.

“The publication has officially crowned 2022’s Sexiest Man Alive and the winner is-” Carson starts.

Then, Savannah quickly jumps in with a comment saying: “Congratulations Carson!”

Clearly, Carson didn’t win the award which made announcing the winner that much weirder for Carson. Although it does seem that Savannah was just trying to flatter Carson by calling him the sexiest man alive.

However, instead of interacting with Savannah, he simply ignored her before moving on to announce Chris as the winner. However, he then did seem to smooth things over by adding a seemingly jokey “How dare you,” towards Savannah.

Carson Daly | Youtube
Carson Daly | Youtube

Disrespecting Carson is a pattern?

This isn’t actually the only disrespect for Carson lately. Just recently, Craig Melvin snubbed the host during a cooking segment of Thursday’s broadcast. While Craig and Kevin are cooking and serving everyone else, Carson sat against a wall in the corner despite Savannah and Hoda sitting together and having fun.

While everyone else got to eat and have fun, it seems Carson was left uncomfortable.

“We’re gonna get Carson Daly a plate here in a second,” Craig says. Then Hoda joins in with a bit of kindness saying: “Don’t worry, we’ll share!”

However, overall, the whole thing just seemed off and like Carson was being excluded from the segment. In fact, the only time he spoke was when asking how much the meal cost to cook. Carson asked Kevin how much that plate of food would be to make. Kevin responded saying “Not about $2.00, but yes per meal, you’re averaging about $3.00 per meal for all of this.”

Carson Daly With Craig Melvin & Kevin Curry [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
Apparently, he did eventually get a meal. However, the whole thing still seemed a bit off.

Did you watch either of these segments on the Today Show? Do you think Carson Daly has been put in some tough positions lately? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below. Come back for more on your favorite TV stars!

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  1. Savannah is AWFUL. She dresses very unprofessionally and is often dismissive of others. Her statement regarding Carson being the sexiest man alive was disrespectful and awkward. Yes, leaving Carson out of the meal sampling was awkward as well.

    1. totally agree! I watched her in election night and she was rude, interrupting everyone. Had to change it. Quit watching Today because of her.

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