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‘Today’: The Disrespect For Carson Daly Continues

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The disrespect for Carson Daly continues. The Today Show host was snubbed by his own colleagues during a cooking segment. On Thursday’s broadcast, Craig Melvin spoke to author Kevin Curry. They showed the viewers at home how to get three meals out of a rotisserie chicken.

That’s impressive considering most people want to demolish the chicken the first time around. The light-hearted segment quickly turned sad when Carson was left out. It made the fans at home feel sorry for him. Read on to learn more and to see what else happened.

Craig Melvin With Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]

Did Craig Melvin intentionally snub Carson Daly?

At the beginning of Thursday’s broadcast of the Today Show, Kevin cooked the co-hosts a meal. Carson Daly asked for a plate. He winked at The Voice host and informed him that he will get him one. Craig reassured everyone that they were working on a plate for Carson.

“We’re gonna get Carson Daly a plate here in a second,” Craig repeated. Co-host Hoda Kotb chimed in: “Don’t worry, we’ll share!”

Carson Daly With Craig Melvin & Kevin Curry [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
The camera panned over to Carson Daly, who was sitting in the corner against the wall of the cooking table. Hoda and her co-host Savannah Guthrie sat together at the other end of the table. They interacted with each other and were more involved with the segment than Carson was.

They happily ate Kevin’s food. Carson just sat there awkwardly and ate the food quietly. He spoke up toward the end of the segment. He asked Kevin if he spent $2.00 making the meal. Kevin corrected him and said: “Not about $2.00, but yes per meal, you’re averaging about $3.00 per meal for all of this.”

That was the first time that Carson Daly was involved with the cooking segment. Some fans have to wonder if Craig intentionally snubbed him. He at least got a meal. Yet, his co-hosts were interacting more with one another than they were with him.

Carson suffers another awkward segment

This comes after Carson Daly suffered another awkward segment. During Wednesday’s live broadcast, he had a misunderstanding with Savannah Guthrie. Several blunders took place during their interview with Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler in the drama.

There were several technical issues during the segment. The co-hosts didn’t see that the producers played a clip before the interview. However, they only saw dead air. Carson Daly and Savannah had to move on quickly with the awkward segment.

Carson Daly With Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
That same interview had an abrupt ending. Yellowstone fans weren’t happy with how it was handled. The Today Show ran out of time, without warning. Suddenly, the music came out and Carson Daly and Savannah got cut off from speaking to Cole.

What are your thoughts on the disrespect for Carson Daly? Do you think his co-hosts are trying to shut him out of segments? Or, do you think it’s a case of too many people in the room? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Carson is one of the Bright spots on this show. To ignore him and to totally leave him
    out is a disaster for the Today Show.

  2. I think a mountain is being made of a molehill. The rumor mill, before this story, for months, was all about Honda and Savannah not getting along on the set. Maybe this was set up in a way to show the people watching that Honda and Savannah do get along. Also, there are many times that Carson isn’t on the Today Show due to conflicts with his schedule. It could be as innocent as Carson being a frequent part of the show and Melvin doing his interviews with the “girls” proving what good buddies they are. SMH. I’m not going to this site anymore. There are enough problems in the world without this type of drivel.

    1. That’s a bunch of bs. If two guys did that to a woman, the world would be calling for his head.

      Likewise, if two white people did that to a black person, there would be an uproar and calls to cancel them for being racist.

      It’s racism and sexism by people who claim to hate racism and sexism. Period. And should be called out this way just as much as the other.

  3. I adore Carson Daly !❌⭕️❤️ and honestly I don’t believe that would of happened on Good Morning America !!! Absolutely NOT!!

    Maybe it’s time Michael and all my peeps from Good Morning America. ADD A CHAIR FOR CARSON!

    Thank you Carson for being the man you are! You are in a much better world than a Hoda or Savanna!!!?!

  4. Carson has problems with on-camera issues, always has. Either take him off and keep him off. Or accept his issues and continue as is.

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