Carlin Bates Updates Fans On Seizures After Neurologist Checkup

Carlin Bates YouTube

Former Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates Stewart has a little update on her seizures after a neurologist appointment on Thursday. She revealed how she’s doing these days and what’s going on with her mysterious health issues. Keep reading for all of the details.

Carlin Bates’ Mysterious Health Issues

If you follow Carlin and her husband Evan Stewart on YouTube or Instagram, you may have seen some of her health updates. Since May, she has been having mysterious health issues and seizure-like episodes. These began shortly after she had her second child Zade Patrick.

Carlin Bates YouTube

Carlin Bates has been hospitalized a couple of times and has ended up in the ER before too. She’s also had appointments with many doctors and specialists in hopes of getting a diagnosis. Despite having a series of tests run already, she still doesn’t have an official diagnosis. The Bringing Up Bates star is on anti-seizure medication, which seems to be helping a bit, but she still has episodes.

Former Bringing Up Bates Star Gives Another Update

On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Carlin Bates revealed that she had an appointment with her neurologist. She brought her husband Evan along, as well as their two kids, Layla, who’s almost three years old, and Zade, who’s seven months old.

One snap features her family walking into the appointment and another is of Layla hugging Zade in the waiting room. Another shot features Evan in the exam room with both of the kids on his lap. Carlin Bates was a little worried about bringing both kids along.

Carlin Bates Instagram

Later, Carlin returned to her Instagram Stories for an update. She posted a photo of herself sitting at her appointment with Layla on her lap. She apologized for the delay in posting this update due to having a lot of work. Then, she explained that the kids did well at her appointment and said that it was “just a follow up” and didn’t take long.

Carlin Bates Instagram

In the car, she shared a photo of her arm after having her blood drawn. She said, “I did get some more blood work done to check my levels so that we can adjust my meds accordingly.”

Carlin Bates also let fans know how her seizures have been. She said, “I still do have episodes just less frequently so hopefully this will help.”

Carlin Bates Instagram

So, do you appreciate Carlin Bates’ frequent health updates on her mysterious seizures? Have you been worried about her? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. Below, you can watch one of Carlin’s recent YouTube videos about her health.

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