Emma Johnston Says Brother Alex Has Girlfriend?

Alex and Emma Johnston - YouTube

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons star Emma Johnston says that her brother Alex has a girlfriend now. She shared a new video spilling the news to fans and also updated everyone on her relationship status. Scroll down to check out the new video and see what all Emma has revealed.

If you’re familiar with the Johnston family, you may know that Trent and Amber allow their kids to date when they turn 16. Emma celebrated her 17th birthday in July and Alex will be 17 on November 15.

Emma Johnston - YouTube

Now that they’re old enough to date, fans have been wondering if they will get to “meet” the kids’ significant others. So far, they’ve been pretty quiet about relationships, which may be because they don’t want to spill too much about the future seasons of the show.

However, Emma Johnston surprised fans with details about her relationship status and her brother Alex’s too.

Emma Johnston reveals Alex’s relationship status.

On her Instagram Stories on Wednesday evening, Emma shared a new TikTok video she had created with Alex’s help. The song and dance that the siblings used are from a current TikTok trend.

The first half of the video shows Alex dancing in the kitchen. In the caption, Emma wrote, “Lil bro who has a gf.”

Then, Alex took a turn recording Emma as she did a similar dance. This time, the caption read, “Big sis who’s still single.”

It’s worth noting that Alex is barely younger than Emma. They’ll both be 17 years old after his birthday on Tuesday. But Emma thought it would be funny to mention that she’s older and still single in her new video.

Unfortunately, Emma’s new video doesn’t reveal much about her brother’s relationship. So, fans don’t know how long he’s been dating or who his girlfriend is. Curious fans would certainly like to know more after this big announcement. It could be the girl he met at conference or someone new. They didn’t explain that in the short video.

Emma Johnston has been having some trouble with TikTok recently and her profile was banned. She created a second account and shared the video of Alex there. But now, that account has been banned as well. Hopefully, she gets it all resolved soon so fans can enjoy more of her videos and maybe learn more about Alex’s relationship too.

So, does it surprise you that Emma Johnston told fans her brother Alex has a girlfriend? Do you hope to get more details soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Johnston family.

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