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‘Love After Lockup’ Shane Begs For Money To Get Out Of Jail?

Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup alum Shane Whitlow is back behind bars. However, he is hoping he can get out sooner rather than later. He is attempting to get money to get himself out but how is he doing this? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup’s Shane Whitlow Begs For Bail Money?

Shane has had his fair share of ups and downs. Fans initially met him when Lacey Whitlow was in a relationship with both John Slater and Shane. She had been with John much longer but Shane ended up being released sooner. Therefore, she chose him to be with. They had a very tumultuous relationship with her heading back to John when things got rough. In the end, Lacey and Shane tied the knot and went to great lengths to conceive their daughter. Their marriage came to an end and she went back to John, which was often off, as well.

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Now, Shane is back in jail for violating a protective order against his ex, per Starcasm. Apparently, Lacey had gotten a protective order against Shane over the summer. She claimed that he threatened to put a gun in her private area thus she was left terrified. Then, on October 15th, he left a message for her that was enough to get him arrested without bond. He had been working via OnlyFans to earn the money for a lawyer and now, he is trying another method to get out of jail.

Shane has a GoFundMe. His friends and family were given access to his Instagram and shared the link there. They explained that, on his behalf, they started the GFM for his expenses. The goal is $2500 as they need $1500 for the lawyer and a grand pre-trial. It was emphasized that time was of the essence, especially with the initial $1500. So far, it has made $144.

About Last Year…

Just last summer, Shane was reported missing by his Love After Lockup ex. Lacey took to her Instagram to send out a plea to help find him. Ultimately, he was in Connecticut and went on to seek help. It seemed that he was on a better track in life though he and Lacey could not come to a happy medium. He was also desperate to see his daughter but it seemed like there was always a struggle. Now, he is just fighting to get a lawyer and have his side heard. His friends and family claim he does not deserve to be behind bars. Only time will tell what will happen.

Do you think Shane should be begging for money to get out of jail? Let us know and watch the spinoff Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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