Katie & Travis Clark Address Rumors Their Marriage Was Arranged

Bringing Up Bates, Katie Bates Instagram, Travis Clark

Former Bringing Up Bates stars Katie and Travis Clark are addressing rumors that their marriage was arranged. It turns out that some fans think this pair was set up and didn’t actually choose to get married on their own. So, what is the truth?

Katie & Travis Clark’s Marriage

In September 2019, Katie revealed that she was in the beginning stages of a courtship with Travis. Then, in March 2020, they officially began courting. In April 2021, the couple went to Key West, Florida, where he surprised her with a proposal.

Then, in December 2021, Travis and Katie tied the knot.

After their wedding, the couple settled into their new home in New Jersey. Travis Clark had been fixing it up and did a great job with the place. Leaving her family in Tennessee was a big adjustment for Katie though.

Bringing Up Bates, Katie Bates Instagram, Travis Clark

Now, the Bates couple appears to be doing very well. In August, they revealed that their first baby is on the way. Since then, they have shared that it’s a girl and her name is Hailey James. Her due date is March 4.

Was Their Marriage Arranged?

In a new YouTube video, Travis and Katie addressed their fans’ assumptions. They talked about a number of topics, including arranged marriages and birth control.

One fan sent in an assumption about Katie and Travis Clark’s marriage being arranged. They wrote, “You were arranged by someone from either your family or Katie’s family.”

This rumor has circulated online before. Fans often wonder if the Duggars and Bates’ marriages are arranged, partially because they get married so young. Plus, they typically only date or court one person before getting married. So, fans think that these relationships could be set up. But now, Travis and Katie are eager to set the record straight.

In response, the couple laughed at the idea that they had an arranged marriage. Katie shook her head and said, “No, we did not.”

Travis added, “Thankfully, no. Definitely not.”

Then, Katie said, “That would be so awkward, I feel like.”

So, if what the couple said is true, their marriage was actually not arranged.

So, did you think that Katie and Travis Clark’s marriage was arranged? Or do you think this assumption is odd? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can check out their assumptions YouTube video below.

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