‘Bringing Up Bates’: Katie Bates & Travis Clark Pregnant

Katie Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates and her husband Travis Clark shared some massive news with fans on Instagram this weekend: They are pregnant with baby #1.

Katie Bates and Travis Clark pregnant with baby #1

It was less than an hour ago that Katie Bates and Travis Clark announced they were expecting their first baby together. Short, sweet, and to the point their pregnancy announcement said baby Clark was coming in 2023. They concluded their pregnancy announcement by saying they couldn’t wait to meet their first child.

This Bates pregnancy announcement came complete with Katie and Travis snuggled up close on a blanket in a field of greenery. The young couple and their foreheads pressed against each other as they both held one corner of the strip of ultrasound pictures for the camera to see.

Katie Bates Instagram
Katie Bates Instagram

When did Travis and Katie Bates get married?

One big question fans ask when families like the Duggars or the Bates announce a pregnancy is really quite simple: How long were Katie Bates and Travis Clark married before getting pregnant?

Per a US Weekly exclusive, it was in December of last year that Katie and Travis Clark officially got married. So, it doesn’t seem like the couple wasted much time getting pregnant after tying the knot!

Recent Bringing Up Bates baby news

As those who follow the former reality TV family know, the news of Katie Bates and Travis Clark’s pregnancy follows on the heels of other baby’s news. Just 24 hours ago, the family revealed that Tori and Bobby Smith welcomed baby #4 into the world.

Katie Bates, Travis Clark, YouTube, Bringing Up Bates

Are you surprised this pregnancy news came so soon after the birth of Tori and Bobby Smith’s baby? Do you think Katie and Travis will have a boy or a girl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more  Bringing Up Bates news.

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