Fans Fear For Jessica Simpson After Innocent Pottery Barn Ad?

Jessica Simpson [Extra TV | YouTube]

Fans fear for Jessica Simpson after she appeared in a Pottery Barn ad. It’s a seemingly innocent new campaign. The pop star shocked fans when she didn’t look or sound like her normal self. Some claimed they didn’t recognize her.

Her speech and weight loss have been a topic of concern in recent months. Jessica has partnered up with several companies. While most fans were happy for the fashion designer, others were concerned about her well-being. The concern returned when she appeared in an ad for Pottery Barn Kids that was released on Instagram.

Jessica Simpson [Extra TV | YouTube]
[Extra TV | YouTube]

“Irresistible” singer appears in Pottery Barn Kids

On Thursday, November 3, Jessica Simpson and Pottery Barn released her ad campaign for the brands’ kids line. Some fans noticed that she didn’t look like her voluptuous self and didn’t sound like her normal self. She sparked concern with her latest appearance. The blonde reality star wore an animal print silk dress with silver hoops and a cowboy-style belt.

“Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson, and welcome to my daughter Birdie’s room, designed by Pottery Barn Kids and a little bit of me,” Jessica Simpson said in the video posted on Instagram. “I was really drawn to the geometric prints and the color scheme. This really, to me, is Birdie’s personality.”

Jessica Simpson New Ad Campaign [Jessica Simpson | Instagram]
[Jessica Simpson | Instagram]
Fans noticed that she slurred her words during the advertisement. Jessica concluded her message by thanking fans for checking out Birdie’s bedroom. She had a big smile on her face and still had energy. However, most of her fanbase was concerned about her and wanted to know if she was truly healthy and happy.

  • “Something is wrong there.”
  • “Wtf happened to her face? She can barely speak. Shame.”
  • “Please tell me I’m not the only one that hears her voice being totally slow… is she ok?!?!”
  •  “Why does she talk like that now?”
  • “Respectfully… she looks frail.”
  • “Wow!! She lost so much weight. I hope she is OK. She’s a beautiful lady.”

Other fans took to the comment section to defend Jessica Simpson. They reminded the critics to “be kind” and not to judge people’s appearances or behavior. They also argued that it’s insensitive to speculate if someone has an eating disorder. Jessica opened up about her struggles with her weight and alcohol addiction in her memoir, Open Book.

Jessica Simpson sparked concern before

This isn’t the first time that Jessica Simpson made headlines for one of her ad campaigns. In April, she appeared “fidgety” in a Flonase ad. Fans also couldn’t help but notice that she slurred whenever she spoke. At the time, the songstress took to Instagram to share a video of herself holding the allergy relief nasal spray.

Jessica Simpson Sparks Concern [Jessica Simpson | Instagram Stories]
[Jessica Simpson | Instagram Stories]
Jessica Simpson explained how climate change and the wildfires in California have contributed to allergies. Some of her fans were embarrassed as they watched the “painful” and “odd” video. Others wondered if she was really okay. They noticed that her eyes and mannerisms weren’t normal.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson’s Pottery Barn ad? Do you think something is wrong with the singer? Or, do you think she’s just changed over the years? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I do not notice anything wrong with her. If anything, having young children can be tiresome. She is a beautiful woman and I hope and pray the best for her and her family as I would anyone.

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