‘Unexpected’ What Really Happened When Jason Korpi Went To Court

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The other day, Unexpected star Jason Korpi was celebrating a court win. He acted as if he got off completely free on the 11 charges he was facing. Furthermore, the father of Xavier took an Instagram comments section to share how the day went. From his viewpoint, it could not have gone any better. Now, the exact details from his November 1st day in court have emerged. It may not have been as cut and dry as he made it seem.

Jason Korpi Has To Pay The Piper

On Tuesday, the Unexpected cast member finally had his day in court. He had skipped his arraignment hearing back in May. Therefore, there was a two-week period where a bench warrant was out. Then, it was rescheduled for June 28th. He pleaded not guilty to all eleven charges/violations and a trial management conference was set for August. Then, it was moved to November 1st. On that very day, Jason shared an update for the fans. Some called it the update no one wanted.

Jason Korpi/YouTube

“Ayo just an update for everyone that wanted one on my court stuff I’m a free man haha pays off to be on TLC ig,” he wrote. While he may not actually have to go to jail, he did not get off as easily as he made it seem. According to Starcasm, only three of the charges were prosecuted so he was probably celebrating that. For those three, he entered an amended guilty plea for two Class B Misdemeanors and one violation. This did include driving under the influence.

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The penalty for these three are as such. His 60-day jail sentence will be suspended for two years. However, he cannot step out of line in regard to his supervision. Jason also has a fine of $620 due by March of next year, a separate but suspended fine of $620, and a $124 fine which can be paid in community service (20 hours). His license is suspended for a year and he must join the Impaired Driver Care Management Program plus have interlock devices on his cars. Finally, he left having to pay $645 that day.

What’s Next

As of now, Jason Korpi seems to be celebrating the outcome of the case. Unfortunately, he still has so many people who are against him and his girlfriend, Kylen Smith. To make money, they have continued to post clickbait in extremely poor taste on their Instagram pages. More so, Unexpected fans have been blaming Jason for the Season 6 show delay. They firmly believe he is the reason the show may not return. There have been two casting calls that were put out yet it seems it has come up empty. Jason has claimed that he and Kylen will not be returning but only because they quit.

What do you think of the penance he has to pay? Fair or should it be more? Let us know.

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