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‘Unexpected’ Did Jason Korpi Cause Season 6’s Delay?

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Unexpected fans have been awaiting an announcement on Season 6. So far, there has just been chatter from the cast and recently, there was a casting call. Lilly Bennett shared it on her Instagram page inviting pregnant teens to submit to be on a show about teen pregnancy. Based on the criteria and the production company, it appeared to be a call for the hit TLC reality series. There had also been another call over the summer but it seems that did not go very far. Now fans are starting to wonder if Season 5 cast member Jason Korpi is partly responsible for the delay in the show’s return.

An Unexpected Delay Due To Jason Korpi?

After the last season, the casting directors may be a bit skeptical as to who they bring onto the show for Season 6. Jason Korpi and his girlfriend, Kylen Smith were new to the show for Season 5. Unfortunately, he was met with disdain and immediate calls for him to be fired. Viewers felt that he was abusive and manipulative, with him going off at the tell-all. He even claimed that he was the reason for the show’s success and his parents continued to support him. The father of one is currently in legal hot water.

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Now, fans have taken to Reddit to speculate what the delay is for the new season. More so, they are wondering if the show will even return and are blaming just one person- Jason. “Does anybody else feel like Jason put an end to the show? On one hand it was good of them to air actual abuse but on the other they should have stepped in,” the thread started. They also noted that there haven’t been any clues from the cast about filming. Additionally, the Redditor just thinks that Jason may have killed off the show completely.

“I know I stopped watching before she gave birth solely because i couldn’t handle seeing the abuse happen. If he gets another season i will boycott TLC all together,” one person shared. Another added: “I don’t see how Jason could put an end to a show when they have like 90 day fiance showing abuse. He prob wont be back but tlc has brought back awful people before.”

Who Is Returning & Who Is Gone?

Some Redditors did point out the aforementioned casting call. This means something is in motion, they just do not know what it is exactly. However, a few cast members have talked about their Unexpected future. Tiarra Boisseau, who joined in Season 3 with her sister Tyra and cousin Taylor, shared if she will return. She will not.

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Though she did not know the status of the show at the time, she revealed that she and her family were done. It was unclear if this included her sister and cousin, as well. Finally, newcomer Emersyn Potter said she would be open to coming back if they asked her to. As for everyone else, that is yet to be seen. Though Jason claimed he and Kylen quit the show, his ego may keep him pushing along.

Do you think Jason Korpi is making them screen the incoming Unexpected cast even closer? Or did he cause the demise of the series? Let us know your thoughts.

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