‘Teen Mom’ Briana DeJesus Says She Doesn’t Feel Safe

Briana DeJesus talking on 'Teen Mom' reunion by herself - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Teen Mom fans have been wondering why Briana DeJesus was missing from the photo shoot from the Family ReunionTensions have been high between the cast members of the show. Evidently, Briana wasn’t having any of it. She walked off the set because she did not feel safe. Keep reading to see what had the Teen Mom 2 alum so shaken.

Teen Mom Reunion Set Has Tensions High

According to The Ashley’s Roundup, Briana DeJesus left the set because she did not feel safe being so close to Ashley Jones. Back in August, a fight broke out between the two women and their mothers while filming.

Ashley Jones and her mother, Tea, shared their side of the story when the fight occurred in August. The Teen Mom 2 alum has said that a producer came to her to try and start drama on the set.

Briana DeJesus on the set of 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter' talking to the camera - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

The Family Reunion photoshoot was the first time Briana and Ashley have seen each other since the incident. Despite time having passed, it was clear there was still beef between the two.

In fact, Briana let producers know prior to shooting the photos that she did not want to be anywhere near Ashley. However, once they got to the set, Briana was a lot closer to Ashley than she was comfortable with. So, she stormed off the set feeling anxious.

Producers attempted to get Briana back out on stage to do the segment with all of the other girls. She refused, claiming that she did not feel safe being anywhere near Ashley.

Ashley Jones ‘Banned’ From The Set

When the cast returned to the set to continue filming the Reunion the next day, the vibe was completely different. Where Ashley had been able to freely interact with the other women, she was now required to stay away from all of the other girls while filming was taking place.

The insider told The Ashley that, when asked, producers stated that Jones was “banned for legal reasons.” Other cast members assumed this is because the altercation occurred on the set of Family Reunion. The source pointed out inconsistencies though.  “It was just so weird that the day before Ashley was allowed near everyone,” they said.

Several of the other women who are part of the Reunion special were irritated because many of them had to sit on stage for 10 hours that day. Ashley was only brought in when she was needed and was able to hang out the rest of the time.

Losing Allies On The Teen Mom Reunion Set

It seems Ashley Jones may lose the few Teen Mom allies she may have had too. After the day of filming wrapped up, two vans took all of the women, except Ashley, back to where they were staying. When Ashley saw the vans passing by she performed her signature “twerk move.” Many of the other cast members thought it was disrespectful and it put a sour taste in their mouths.

Ashley Jones defending herself during a 'Teen Mom' Reunion - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Ashley was later confronted by one of her fellow castmates over the phone. The conversation got heated and, if it had been in person, it may have gotten physical. Either way, it is clear the other women on the show aren’t impressed with the way she acts.

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