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Fans Blame Zach Roloff For Filthy House?

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Zach and Tori Roloff are the owners of a beautiful $1M home that they purchased during the previous season of LPBW. Watching the Season 24 Premiere of Little People, Big World, fans of the TLC series were stunned at how the couple have treated their gorgeous dream home. Appalled, one fan rushed to Twitter noting that Tori and Zach should really consider cleaning their filthy home.

On Reddit and Facebook, other fans admitted they were a bit shocked the couple didn’t tidy up the home a bit before allowing a filming crew inside. Moreover, fans agreed the level of filth in the house was a serious safety concern for their small children.

LPBW Tori Roloff Youtube
LPBW Tori Roloff Youtube

Fans horrified by Zach and Tori Roloff’s filth

During the Season 24 Premiere of LPBW, fans got a few looks inside of Tori and Zach’s $1M home. Fans were shocked when they noticed the dropzone of items right near the front door. Clutter, trash, and random items on the floor sent fans reeling as they couldn’t understand why Zach and Tori didn’t take better care of their gorgeous dream house.

Tori Roloff has previously caught heat for the children having messy rooms and for dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen. Her husband Zach has been no stranger to the backlash as he was crucified when fans noticed the bottom of his socks were BLACK in one scene of LPBW. For the most part, fans agreed the black socks were an indiciation of how dirty the floors in his home were at the time.

Some LPBW fans were quick to defend Tori noting she was very pregnant during this portion of the filming. Defensive fans argued that Tori might’ve been doing the best she could manage with cleaning. These same defensive fans noted that more of the blame should be placed on Zach for not picking up the slack.

Another fan chimed in on Twitter noting that Zach wasn’t totally to blame as he likely picked up his cleaning skills from his mother. The fan went on to point out that Amy’s homes were always a wreck. As TvShowsAce has reported a few different times, fans have gone after Amy Roloff hard for her hoarding tendencies over the years.

LPBW Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff Youtube
LPBW Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff Youtube

Did you notice how filthy Tori and Zach Roloff’s home was during the Season 24 Premiere? Why do you think they never considered cleaning up before filming? Or, do you think fans are being too hard on the couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.

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