Julie Powell’s Sudden Death Questioned: Eerie Twitter Updates

Julie Powell - YouTube

As TvShowsAce previously reported, food writer Julie Powell was confirmed dead today by her publisher. Her husband Eric later told media outlets his wife had died of cardiac arrest. Chills are tingling down the spines of the food writer’s fans as they dig into her eerie Twitter activity during the final month of her life.

Just a few days before her passing, Julie took to Twitter to tweet something truly disturbing related to her health. She added that her doctors wrote it off as no big deal. She passed away just a few days later. Taking screenshots, retweeting, and leaving comments, many of the food writer’s followers are raising their eyebrows at her sudden death. And, they are seriously questioning if cardiac arrest is really what ended her life.

Julie Powell - YouTube
Julie Powell – YouTube

Why was her final tweet so disturbing?

On October 25, just one week before her death, Julie Powell tweeted something truly disturbing about a condition she woke up with. She penned in her final tweet: “So I woke up with something that’s literally Black Hairy Tongue. People, including my doctor, seem to think it’s no big deal, and will go away soon, but it certainly is gross.” The original tweet can be seen down below:

Her tweet has accumulated over 100 replies (which is way more than what her tweets usually accumulate). Most of the replies are quick to point out how eerie the tweet is because she died just a few days later.

One individual penned in response to the tweet: “Her doctor thought it was no big deal and she died the next day.”

“This is disturbing to read after seeing Ms. Powell’s obituary. My condolences to her family.” Another chimed in.

Julie Powell had COVID recently

Digging deeper into her activity on Twitter, her fans learned she had suffered from COVID roughly a month prior. Her Twitter activity suggested she never fully recovered and got struck down with the flu as well. While current reports claim she died of a heart attack, those reading her Twitter activity say they can’t ignore the fact that she died so soon after having COVID.

One frustrated individual penned in a tweet regarding her death a few hours ago: “This. Is. Not. Normal.”


Another individual tweeted it was painfully obvious that she died of long COVID.


Outraged, many of the food writer’s followers begged Julie Powell’s husband to look deeper into her death for answers.

Rest in peace, Julie Powell.

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