Alyssa Bates’ Baby Name Ideas Discussed By Fans

Alyssa Bates YouTube

Former Bringing Up Bates stars John Webster and Alyssa Bates’ baby name ideas are being discussed by fans. The couple is currently expecting their fifth baby. Over the weekend, they hosted a live gender reveal party on YouTube, so now, fans have begun thinking of names for the newest addition.

The Bringing Up Bates couple shares the baby’s gender.

In September, John and Alyssa revealed to fans that their fifth baby is on the way. The new baby is due in April and will join four older sisters, Allie, Lexi, Zoey, and Maci. The family also recently added a dog, Mia, to their family.

Alyssa Bates YouTube

This past weekend, the soon-to-be family of seven went live on YouTube to share the baby’s gender with fans. When Alyssa Bates cut into a cake, she revealed that it was blue. So, baby number five is a boy!

Prior to the reveal, some fans were convinced that John and Alyssa would finally have a baby boy, while others thought John was destined to be a “girl dad” forever.

Alyssa Bates YouTube

Alyssa Bates’ baby name ideas discussed by fans.

After learning the baby’s gender, fans rushed to Reddit to discuss possible name ideas for the baby boy. Many fans are basing their predictions on the names John and Alyssa have selected for their other kids. One fan said, “Alyssa seems to like two-syllable names ending in -i, -ie, -ey, etc. so I’m going to guess Charlie.”

Another fan added, “Did anyone in the family do Oliver yet? I feel like they’ll do that somehow. Or Luca, Leo, something trendy.”

Several fans have predicted John or Jack after Alyssa’s husband. Other names that were guessed by fans include Noah, Ethan, Nash, Grayson, and Jax.

Fans may recall one of Alyssa Bates’ baby name ideas she mentioned in the past. She previously said she liked the name Zane Alan for a boy. Her sister, Carlin Bates Webster, has since had a baby boy and named him Zade. However, there’s also a Bates grandson named Kade, so the family may not be too concerned about these similarities. But Alyssa hasn’t mentioned that name publicly since she announced her fifth pregnancy.

The baby is due in April, so the family still has some time to finalize a name. Bringing Up Bates fans are certainly excited to see what they decide on.

So, do you have any guesses for Alyssa Bates’ baby name? Are you eager to find out what it is and “meet” the new addition? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news. Below, you can watch the gender reveal video.

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