Robyn Brown’s Stalker Moment Leaves Fans Squirming

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Most Sister Wives fans already know that Robyn Brown isn’t the most popular cast member. But is her behavior borderline stalker-like? Some Redditors seem to think so.

This season, the Brown family is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Robyn and Kody’s house rules are making it incredibly hard for the family to function. Relationships are strained and many of Kody’s adult children say they’re done with him.

But is there room for Robyn to repair any fractured relationships? Keep reading to see what Redditors had to say when she tried to visit Janelle.

Is Robyn Brown stalking her sister wives?

Meri and Robyn Brown may be friends, but the fourth wife has never had a strong relationship with Janelle and Christine. Robyn has expressed interest in developing friendships with the other wives, but nothing ever seemed to come of it.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

This season, it appears that Robyn tries to visit Janelle in person. Fans online definitely had something to say about that.

“I honestly had to laugh at Robyn talking about visiting Janelle but she’s never home,” the Redditor wrote. “‘Every time I went out there Janelle was gone. If I would’ve ran into her, I would’ve said hi, talked to her, but yeah, it was weird.’ Yes, Robyn. People go out and do things. Jobs, a social life, etc. Is she really making this a thing? ETA: Another point I wanted to bring up. Imagine walking out of your home and seeing Robyn lurking in the distance on a bench 😂”

“Seriously!! That was actually kind of creepy, Robyn sitting on a bench on the property that you KNOW she never voluntarily set foot on alone, prior to Janelle rolling up in her 5th wheel,” another Redditor replied. “When did that bench she’s sitting on arrive there, I wonder? Robyn is crazy manipulative. She’s marking her territory.”

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

What do you think about this scene? Is Robyn actually stalking Janelle and trying to assert her dominance? Or do you think that Robyn is trying to make amends? Leave your thoughts below.

The apple never falls fall from the tree

Robyn Brown has become so unpopular in recent years that many fans have started to think that she’s rubbing off on her daughters. This season, a lot of fans really don’t care for the way Aurora acts around other family members — especially when it comes to Janelle’s RV. They think Aurora is starting to act a lot like her mother when it comes to sass and snark.

New episodes of Sister Wives come to TLC on Sunday nights at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode and keep coming back for more content.

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    1. Lol. Ramen curls🤣🤣 I think Robyn asked for the bench after Janelle set up RV. They will NEVER build on Coyote Pass. How many times can one file for bankruptcy? I believe Kody has filed several times already?

      1. Stalking. Everything changed when Robyn and Kody got legally married. Robyn never wanted polygamy, she wanted fame.

      2. Actually a person can only file once and it lasts for 10 years. It’s absolute financial suicide though. so if a person does to be sure to face the consequences of the aftermath.

  1. Kody is a real piece of work . He has said that the wife’s can leave anytime they want . But thought Christine shouldn’t have left cause he wasn’t ready for jet to leave . Will guess what Kody the world doesn’t revoile around you . You need to get over your self .

  2. Robin has only one thing she cares about and that’s getting all the wives out and taking all the land at coyote pass. she’s as phoney as they come. her but needs a job.
    I never liked Robin; there was always something fishy about her.

  3. I think it’s all her fault she’s the reason Christine and Meei are unhappy she came in wanting to be the only wife Kody will not stay in the RV so that just leaves the weird manipulative Robyn

  4. This whole family is a mess! Christine is the only one winning she looks so happy since leaving. Kody only loves and admire Robin who can’t see that. I don’t see Jenelle hanging around too much longer. Meri he has totally turned his back on.

    1. Meri is a fool to stay. Robin knew what she was doing. But why are these women so into this unattractive, narcissistic person anyway????

      1. I gotta wonder the same thing. Meri has become so dense lately. How dare her say the things about Christine she did? She is only befriending Robin so Cody will come back to her one day which he himself has said will Never happen. Sad Sad Meri. What a dolt.

  5. Kody Brown beats out John Edwards as the biggest douche in the universe…he didn’t kill Kenny, he killed his family.

  6. how dare Kody even complain about Christine leaving and saying he did not understand why. Duhhh Kody you told her you were not attracted to her on the day you married her and recently told her you wanted no more intimacy with her. basically the same way you treated Mari and Janelle which is totally all him eliminating wives to be monogamous with Robyn. what a narcissist and he can blame the others but this is all him. Mari would not have needed to look on line for anyone if he had shown her marital love. and he has never given his children equal time

    1. Truth. He and Robin deserve each other. The others could do better without him. He treats Robin’s kids better than his own. Look what he did to Isabel? Didn’t go with them to her surgery but went to marry a friend in another state! What a hypocrite. Robin better watch out he doesn’t take on her girls that he didn’t father as wives!

  7. if I could piggyback on Diana’s comments above for a moment… it’s funny the way Robyn keeps on throwing the word “sacrifice”around when describing her dismay about Kody & Christine’s seperation. You know… how it’s all so important that they make sacrifices for the better good of the family & not be so stubborn. Hmmm question… if Christine is supposed to be content with a loveless marriage… would Robyn be willing to give up her marital bed if it meant that the family would get back together🤔 ???…
    I think we all know the answer to that one 😉 !!!…

  8. I’m so proud of Christine for putting on her big girl panties and doing what’s best for her and Truly. I’m praying for Meri that she will find the courage and strength to find happiness. Lord knows I believe in marriage and commitment but why stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want ,value or love you! Janelle is going to be the next to leave and then Cody will be happy with Robin. I guess she’ll have some more babies soon.

  9. Robyn’s daughters are just like her, stuck up Bitches. Janelle needs to just get our and be happy like Christine. Kody said that Janelle’s son’s should move out because they are “grown ass men” Well son is Robyn’s son. Kody brings back covid and gives it to Robyn but it’s someone’s fault. Really. Robyn is fake, Kody is an idiot and Meri is stupid for staying. Fame is what’s about.

  10. Meri stays because of the money she gets from being on the show. I wish everyone would stop watching this show because you are just putting money in their pockets

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