Is Christine Brown Leaving ‘Sister Wives’?

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As fans continue to watch the drama unfold on Sister Wives Season 17, one big question comes to mind: Is Christine Brown leaving the series? It is no secret she was already offered her own cooking show on TLC. Will she shift her focus to her cooking show and her single life? Is she done filming in Flagstaff with her former plural family?

Fortunately, this was one of many questions asked by Deidre Behar during Christine’s recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Christine was happy to address the question.

Is Christine Brown leaving Sister Wives? 

Everyone seemingly agreed that if Christine Brown was no longer with Kody, she was no longer a sister wife. Does this mean she no longer had a place on the TLC series? Christine Brown reminds everyone that she is still extremely close to Janelle. While she isn’t officially in a plural marriage with her anymore, she will always consider Janelle to be her sister wife. In addition to Janelle, Christine also remains close to Janelle’s children.

Christine continues to explain that Sister Wives on TLC was something the family decided to do together. Just because she’s left Kody doesn’t mean she’s not still part of the family. Moreover, Kody is still very much the father of her children. Christine Brown notes they don’t talk often, but she did just speak to him on the phone recently about how Truely was doing. She added their conversations are brief and really only to discuss things related to Truely.

Christine - Kody - Sister Wives - YouTube
Christine – Kody – Sister Wives – YouTube

Putting to rest any fears fans might have, Christine Brown says she will continue to be a part of the series so long as the family wants to film. She proceeds to explain that leaving the show would feel disloyal as it was something she had previously agreed to do with her family.

What will the series look like now?

Christine points out that she still does a lot of things with Janelle and her children. Likewise, Christine is close to lots of family in Utah and she does visit Flagstaff from time to time. Moreover, she talks to Kody every once in a while about Truely. So, she knows things will look a little diffent. But, there are still plenty of ways to film the series as she still considers herself to be connected to half of the family.


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