Even Christine Brown’s Honeymoon With Kody Was Miserable

Christine Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Sister Wives fans already know that Christine Brown did not have a great marriage with Kody. The drama has gotten really bad over the past few seasons, but the sad news is that it always seems like things were this bad. Most newlyweds have a honeymoon phase, but it doesn’t seem like Kody and Christine ever had one at all.

By now, many Sister Wives fans already know about the nacho story. But was their honeymoon just as bad?

Did Kody and Christine Brown do anything fun on their honeymoon?

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a Redditor suggested that Christine’s honeymoon was just as bad as the rest of her marriage to Kody.

“So Christine’s honeymoon was a work trip across the country with Kody and two small children with a car that kept breaking down, Kody finally decided he gave somewhat of a damn about Christine, and Meri being a terror,” the OP wrote. However, it seems like this information may be incorrect. Not long after another Redditor commented, the OP deleted the post.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Not quite. She got the same honeymoon the other two og wives got (road trip to Wyoming), but she would be stuck at home watching the kids while Kody took Meri and Janelle on trips until this trip to Illinois,” the other Redditor wrote. “I always thought it was interesting in early sister wives that Kody and Meri or Kody and Janelle would go on trips by themselves, but Kody and Christine would have to take their kids with them.”

Additionally, Christine and Kody married before the Brown family had any children at all. So the OP’s comment about the two small children doesn’t make much sense either. Logan and Aspyn are the first of the Brown family children and were born after Kody had married his first three wives.

But based on what fans already know about Kody and Christine’s marriage, their honeymoon probably wasn’t anything miraculous.

The TLC star is moving on with her love life

Christine Brown isn’t interested in settling down with anyone new yet, but she’s definitely dating for fun.

“I’m single now, right? So I kind of just decide what I want to do and then do it. It’s been just very, very simple. Everything’s just a lot easier as far as just planning and day-to-day life,” the mother of six told ET. “I’m dating just for fun. Just keeping everything super light because that’s just who I am right now.”

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Sister Wives Season 17 is actually about a year and a half behind real life, so fans are just now watching the split play out on screen. In time, they may get to see more of Christine Brown’s active love life.

Catch the new episode tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. Don’t miss out!

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