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Big Change Coming To ‘Growing Up Chrisley’ Season 5

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Season 4 of Growing Up Chrisley saw a big shift. First off, it moved networks. The series spent three seasons on USA Network then it announced it was headed over to E! This was slightly confusing to those who just automatically went to USA for all of their Chrisley needs. The second big switch-up was that they brought in a narrator. A female voice, who was not part of the cast, talked about what was going on in everyone’s heads and shared events from the day. So, what can fans expect for Season 5? Chase Chrisley is sharing some information on all of that.

Chase Spills The Tea On Season 5 Of Growing Up Chrisley

For starters, Chase just proposed to his on-again/off-again love Emmy Medders. So that could be something fans see in the next season or it might get a special. However, one change that is certainly going to make viewers extremely happy is that the current Season 4 narrator will be gone. Chase shared this news on his Instagram page a few days ago. As he was promoting the season finale and saying how much fun they had shooting Season 4, he addressed the narrator.


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“P.s the narrator will be gone next season,” he ended his post. Fans have despised this new addition since the season began and haven’t understood her purpose. They asked E! to edit her out as they don’t have fun watching the show anymore with her around. Furthermore, fans have had to stop watching because the commentary was deemed “horrible.” All they asked was that the network listens to what they had to say and apparently, it worked.

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Chase and Savannah’s older sister, Lindsie quickly chimed in after the announcement was made and claimed she would be doing the commentary. However, other followers added this: “I’m so glad the narrator won’t be back!!” Finally, another noted: “Thank you for removing the narrator. It seemed like she talked over you guys with her side comments. I felt like I missed something you would say.”

Who Is The Narrator?

Just in case Growing Up Chrisley fans were curious who the narrator is/was, Distractify has all of the info. Her name is Traci Stumpf and she’s been a host on MTV for some time now. More so, she is a wife and a mother. Traci, herself, even addressed the disdain the “narrator” has been getting. “I’m narrating the final seven episodes of this cultural phenomenon of a show, and let me tell you, Twitter is PISSED,” she tweeted back in September. Therefore, she knew her time was probably numbered but carried on like a pro. As for what is to come next season, it should be very interesting to see.

Are you excited that the Growing Up Chrisley narrator is gone? Finally, are you stoked Chase proposed to Emmy? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. “Growing Up Chrisley” is the only show that my daughter and I literally count down the days for when a new episode comes out. Was disappointed that there were only 8 episodes 🥹. But, ecstatic that there will be another season…But when? I didn’t mind the narrator!

  2. Emmy is perfect for Chase❣️ I’m so happy for them – they make a beautiful couple…I feel like I’ve grown up with them and to see how Chase has changed; seeing the true love he has for Emmy – is so beautiful and heart warming! Congratulations to them both! They compliment each other in the very best way!

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