Ryan Seacrest Blasts Kelly Ripa In Face With Whipped Cream

Kelly Ripa - Ryan Seacrest Youtube

On Wednesday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, viewers’ sides were splitting as they watched Ryan Seacrest blast his co-host, Kelly Ripa, in the face with a can of whipped cream. The spur-of-the-moment break went down during a cooking segment toward the end of the episode. How did Ryan Seacrest manage to blast his co-host in the face? How did Kelly Ripa react to getting a face full of whipped cream?

Keep reading for the details and to see some photos from the fun moment during the cooking segment.

Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest - YouTube
Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest – YouTube

Ryan Seacrest blasts co-host Kelly Ripa in face with whipped cream

Ryan and Kelly were joined in the kitchen by their special guest, Tieghan Gerard. Tieghan wears many hats as a blogger, food photographer, social media influencer, cookbook author, cook, and receipt developer. Tieghan joined Ryan and Kelly to make one of her recipes called Apple Dutch Baby. Kelly Ripa explained she was excited because she loved dutch pancakes. Kelly, however, clarified she believed Ryan would enjoy the final product even more than she did.

The trio took a bit of a side step in the conversation as Ryan Seacrest reminded everyone this was an award-winning author in the kitchen with them today. Ryan also noted that she had about 5 million followers on Instagram. Tieghan chimed in to clarify “not yet.” But, they all agreed her followers would likely climb after her appearance on the show.

Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest - YouTube
Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest – YouTube

After they finish creating the Apple Dutch Baby they get to the “good part” which involved putting toppings on it. One of the many toppings is none other than whipped cream. Initially, Tieghan was bummed they didn’t have whipped cream. But, Kelly Ripa pointed out the can was sitting right in front of her.

The trio exchanged jokes about enjoying spraying whipped cream directly into their mouths. Kelly reached for the can ready to spray some in her mouth. Ryan Seacrest, however, took control and went to spray some in her mouth. He, however, ended up not pushing the nozzle right and blasted her face with some cream instead.

Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest - YouTube
Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest – YouTube

Kelly says she’ll ger her revenge

Now, their guest is dying of laughter after Kelly gets blasted in the face. Kelly Ripa rips Ryan for not knowing the right way to spray a can of whipped cream because he barely got any on her face. She proceeds to reassure everyone not to worry because she’s incredibly patient and she will get her revenge. Ryan chimed in joking that he would wait till December to see her deliver her revenge.

Watch the segment down below:


Do you think Kelly Ripa will get her revenge on Ryan Seacrest? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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