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‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Contestant Leaves Mayim Bialik Speechless

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Celebrity Jeopardy! has seen its fair share of embarrassing moments but the latest one has left host Mayim Bialik speechless. On the Sunday special episode, American comedian and contestant Iliza Shlesinger did something that stunned fans and the host as well. What did she do? Keep reading to find out the details!

Contestant Ike Barinholtz Wins The Semi-Final With $23K

In the latest Celebrity Jeopardy! episode, Ike Barinholtz faced Marvel actor Simu Liu and comedian Iliza. The fourth episode of this new spinoff series was the very first semi-final game. As per The Sun, these players were back in the game after winning their prior matches and Ike won the semi-final with $23K in total.

Ike Barinholtz YouTube Celebrity Jeopardy!

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Yet, something happened that left both the host and fans stunned. During the episode, one clue read, “This battery mascot that’s been going and going since the late 1980s has entered the Oxford English Dictionary to mean something or someone persistent.”

However, Iliza buzzed in with complete confidence with the wrong answer as she said, “What is: The Duracell rabbit?”

Mayim Quickly shut down the contestant with a big no after which Simu chimed in with the right answer. He said, “What is: the Energizer Bunny?”

Iliza Shelsinger Celebrity Jeopardy! YouTube

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“That’s it,” replied the host. However, Iliza didn’t move on from her answer. Placing her hands on her face, she said, “Am I from Mars?”

The contestant continued, “Who has even said Duracell in the last decade, how old am I?”

Celebrity Jeopardy! Contestant Iliza Hides Behind The Podium

Given the funny reply, both Mayim and the studio audience giggled. This is when Simu chimed in and said, “You’re giving Duracell a lot of exposure right now. That’s some free advertising right there.”

Iliza kept talking about her hilarious mistake as she said, “Can I get a free bathrobe and some denture-oil?”

Celebrity Jeopardy! YouTube

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The actress then literally hid behind her podium and disappeared for a while as she waved goodbye.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on this hilarious episode.

One wrote, “Iliza Shlesinger showing that good ol emerson college stupidity on celebrity jeopardy by saying ‘duracell rabbit’ when the answer was ‘energizer bunny.’”

“I can’t stop laughing at ‘Duracell Rabbit’ as a response on Celebrity Jeopardy,” tweeted another.

A third wrote, “Normally, I do not make fun of Jeopardy contestants for any reason because I know they’re under pressure up there. Tonight, one of the celebrities has caused me to make an exception. Who won earth does not know what the energizer bunny is? The Duracell rabbit, seriously?”

Fans Are Frustrated At Celebrity Jeopardy! Contestants

Even though Celebrity Jeopardy! isn’t as serious as Jeopardy!, fans are frustrated at the lack of seriousness by the celebrity contestants. This Jeopardy! spinoff first aired in 1992 and has featured 200+ celebrities in the past including Pat Sajak, Regis Philbin, Jodie Foster, Stephen King, Anderson Cooper, and many more.

Mayim Bialik YouTube Celebrity Jeopardy!

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Have you had a chance to watch the latest Celebrity Jeopardy! episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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