Chumlee, Rick & Corey Back For ‘Pawn Stars Do America’ [Video]

Pawn Stars-

Who’s ready for a road trip? Everyone’s favorite trio, Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee are now back on History with new episodes, with a twist. This show is called Pawn Stars Do America.

What do we know about the new series and when is the premiere? We have all of that information and more!

What Happens In Pawn Stars Do America?

Are you ready for your favorite show, but with a twist? In History’s Pawn Stars Do America, Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee are now scouring your neighborhood to find treasures. They are stepping outside of the infamous Las Vegas pawn shop and going on a road trip across America.

According to the History press release, the trio is traveling to eight cities across America, looking for interesting items to buy. They are traveling “between Seattle and Washington D.C.,” in search of some unique items.

What makes this new series so different is that instead of fans going to Vegas and visiting the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, the trio is going to “the source.”

Local fans will present their treasured heirlooms for the chance at an in-person appraisal and to make some coin if they strike the right deal with the Pawn Stars.

Viewers will not only lay eyes on insanely cool items but experience the franchise in a new way with on-site restoration reveals and local road trip excursions as the Pawn Stars visit, appraise and buy amazing collections.

Trusted experts join local experts to share opinions and historic analysis, as well as aid with hands-on testing.

Pawn Stars Trio-

What Eight Cities Are Included?

The eight cities that the trio is visiting include Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Savannah, Georgia, San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pawn Stars-
Pawn Stars-

When Can You Watch This New History Series?

The premiere of Pawn Stars Do America is on Wednesday, November 9, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on History.

What Sorts Of Treasures Will Pawn Stars Trio Uncover?

The trio went on the road for a good reason. They uncovered some pretty exciting treasures including a handwritten letter from the Father of Our Country, signed photographs, a royal shield, and even a bronze cannon field gun from the American Revolution.

Moreover, they will visit some historic sites that should interest History viewers.

New Shows Are ‘Ultimate Cross-Country Road Trip’

Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison wrote on Instagram about this journey with Chum and Corey, describing it as “ultimate.”

We have been on the ultimate cross-country road trip. Get ready for our brand new @history series, #PawnStarsDoAmerica Premieres November 9th at 8/7c.

Pawn Stars-
Pawn Stars-

Ready for the ultimate road trip across the country with Chumlee, Rick, and Corey? Don’t miss the premiere on Wednesday, November  9, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on History.

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