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Lilah Roloff Gets Rock Star Treatment With Two Grandmas

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Lilah Roloff got the royal treatment during quality time with both grandma Amy and grandma Kim according to a recent Instagram Stories update from Tori. According to her Instagram Stories update, Lilah got all dressed up to enjoy her very first tea party. Tori was thrilled to report that both grandma Amy and grandma Kim were in attendance for the tea party.

Lilah Roloff enjoys special treatment with two grandmas

Tori Roloff shared tons of photos and animated clips on her Instagram Stories. Her posts revealed they enjoyed Lilah’s very first tea party at Sweet Peas Tea Room. Tori shared a photo of tiny Lilah standing by herself outside of Sweet Peas.

Tori kicked off her update by sharing a snapshot of Lilah with a huge smile on her face and a cute bow off to the side of her head. “Can you guess what we did this afternoon?” Tori teased in a caption attached to the precious photo.

Tori Roloff - Instagram
Tori Roloff – Instagram

In the next slide, Tori revealed Lilah enjoyed a very special afternoon with both grandma Kim and grandma Amy. Tori’s follow-up photo featured herself standing in the middle and slightly behind Amy and Kim. Lilah stood in front of her mother and slightly in front of Amy and Kim also in the middle, Lilah Roloff was holding on to grandma Kim’s dress and Amy’s hand in the photo.

Tori, Amy, and Kim all had huge smiles on their faces and gorgeous dresses. It appears as if the lovely women worked out a theme beforehand as they all had floral pattered dresses on for the special evening.

Tori Roloff shared tons of photos

The LPBW star shared a photo of Lilah with a huge red bow on her head. Lilah’s eyes were wide and it was unclear if she was happy with the red bow. In a separate photo, Lilah Roloff had her head tilted with a huge smile on her face. A platter with an assortment of tiny desserts could be seen sitting on the table behind Lilah in the photo.

Tori Roloff - Instagram
Tori Roloff – Instagram

Tori also shared a precious photo of Lilah holding up her cup of tea that really warmed the hearts of LPBW fans.

Because it was an Instagram Stories update, fans were not able to leave comments on this exciting tea time with both of Lilah’s grandmothers. But, fans still appreciated Tori taking the time to share.

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