Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Series Called Out For Partial Truths


The new Netflix series Dahmer: Monster — The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has become one of the streaming service’s most popular streaming shows since its release. However, it has also picked up a lot of controversy since its release for several reasons.

The most recent controversy surrounded the fact that Journalist and author Anne E. Schwartz has said the series barely resembles any of the facts in the case. Here is what Schwartz said about the show, produced by Ryan Murphy.

Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series accused of inaccuracies

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 boys and men from the 1970s until the early 1990s before he was caught and imprisoned. He ended up murdered in prison himself, and now Netflix has a new series about the killer’s life and imprisonment. Dahmer: Monster — The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a fictional retelling of the case with Evan Peters (American Horror Story) playing the serial killer.

Since this is a biopic with actors, fans should expect the show to take artistic liberties with the original story to make the limited series entertaining. However, Schwartz, who wrote Monster: The True Story of the Jeffrey Dahmer Murders, told the Independent that the false moments in the series were too much at times.

“When people are watching Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series and saying, ‘Oh my God, this is terrible,’ I want to tell them it didn’t necessarily turn out that way,” Schwartz said. She said that the biggest problem up front was portraying the police as racist homophobes, which she said was completely inaccurate. Schwartz also said this was not “helpful representation.” Finally, she said the people of Wisconsin are tired of hearing about this case.

Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
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Other complaints about the Dahmer series

Schwartz said the people watching Dahmer: Monster — The Jeffrey Dahmer Story don’t watch it for historical accuracy as she does. She understands they want to be entertained. However, this is not entertaining for one group of people. The families of the victims are not happy with this story playing out on TV for entertainment, especially since it is making Netflix money off the deaths of their loved ones.

“It’s sad that they’re just making money off of this tragedy. That’s just greed,” Rita Isbell, the sister of Errol Lindsey, told Insider. This is still something that Netflix does, with other shows about Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, The Son of Sam, and The Unabomber.

Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Cr. ©Netflix 2022

The LGBTQ community also disliked the idea of the show getting an “LGBTQ” tag for search purposes on Netflix. It also had “ominous,” “psychological,” “horror,” “vintage crime,” and “dark” as fellow tags. However, when enough people protested using this for such a dark show, Netflix removed the tag.

Have you watched the Dahmer series on Netflix? What did you think about the limited series? Let us know in the comments below.

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