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The Real Reason Kylie Jenner Initially Named Her Son Wolf


Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child, a baby boy, on February 2, 2022. She and her partner, Tavis Scott initially took to Instagram to share that they had named him Wolf. Around a month later, it was revealed that they had decided to change his moniker as it just did not fit him. Though six months have gone by, no one knows the new name. Eagle-eyed fans have searched for clues in almost every post but have come up empty. Now Kylie is explaining to her mom, Kris Jenner how the name Wolf came to be.

Kylie Jenner’s History With A Wolf

In episode 2 of Season 2 of The Kardashians, Kylie finally gave birth to baby number two. He joined his big sister, Stormi, 4. Kris’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble immediately woke the eager grandma up to share that Kylie was in labor. She excitedly grabbed some snacks for Kylie, wine, and they were out the door. Not too long after Wolf Webster was born, Kylie stopped by Kris’s house to catch up. By then, Kylie and Travis had already decided Wolf was not the right name for their son.

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Kylie soon explained that it was actually her sister Khloe who initially chose the moniker Wolf. According to The Mirror, the mogul just thought she would know his name the moment he arrived. “I thought it was going to just come to us as soon as we saw him. And it didn’t.” She then explained that it was coming down to the wire for them to pick a name, mainly for birth certificate purposes. If they did not, he would leave with just a last name and no social security number.

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So, Khloe suggested Wolf as the alliteration of Wolf Webster was just really sweet. Initially, Kylie did think it was cute but soon questioned what happened. It was clearly done under duress and has since spent the time trying to rectify it. She did not even share the new name with her mother as she is clearly still struggling.

What’s In A Name?

In the premiere episode of Season 2, fans think they may have caught the name of Kylie’s baby boy. After Khloe met her second baby, delivered via surrogate, she FaceTimed her daughter, True. The four-year-old immediately referred to her new baby brother as “Snowy” which fans think is the name of Kylie Jenner’s son. They feel the toddler got her brother and her cousin confused which is completely understandable. At the same time, Khloe still has not revealed the name of her new son who is two months old. Guess this will just be a waiting game.

Does Kylie Jenner’s baby name rush make sense? More so, did you think Wolf Webster was a cute name? Let us know in the comments and watch The Kardashians Thursdays on Hulu.



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