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Could Rachel Recchia & Clayton Echard Rekindle Their Romance?

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The Bachelorette Rachel Recchia wanted to find love during her season of the show. Clayton Echard had broken her heart when he told her and Gabby Windey that he was in love with them and also with Susie Evans. Rachel thought she found again with Tino Franco. However, he also let her down. Shortly after the big finale aired for Rachel’s season, Clayton and Susie announced they were splitting up. So, since they are both single again, could they possibly rekindle their romance?

Will Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard get back together?

Rachel Recchia was heartbroken when Clayton Echard left her saying he loved Susie Evans more. Because of all that drama on The Bachelor, Rachel moved on with Gabby Windey to be The Bachelorette. 

Throughout the season, some fans thought that perhaps she wasn’t as over Clayton as she had said. In fact, at one point Rachel said none of the men made her feel as special and wanted as Clayton did at one point.

After Clayton and Susie announced their split a month after moving to different states, the thoughts that Rachel could reconcile with him started. A meme made its way to Twitter, which can be seen below. It said, “PLOT TWIST somehow these two get back together now that they’re both single again #bachelorette #TheBachelor”

The meme wasn’t the only post. Another fan said, “So do we think Clayton and Rachel are gonna get back together or nah? #TheBachelorette”

What fans are saying

Fans are divided on their thoughts concerning if Rachel and Clayton could get back together. Many fans said no way. Some said she needs to take some time to reset. Others said they deserve each other. Some think it might not be a bad idea.

One fan said, “I actually think she still has feelings for him and that’s one of the things Rachel and Tino were arguing but being vague about.”

Another added, “No thank you,please let them move on,maybe later in like a year or two!”

Still another fan said, “wouldn’t b surprised she talked about him all damn season.”

Rachel Recchia and Clayton, YouTube
Rachel Recchia and Clayton, YouTube

Someone else chimed in saying, “I was literally thinking this when I heard the news!!” One more fan said, “ironic how he’s single now!!”

There’s definitely a lot of talk about these two even though Rachel did leave After the Final Rose with Aven Jones. However, Rachel noted they were just going to see where things go.

What do you think? Is this a real possibility?


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