‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Shares Devastation, Is She Ok?

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Ever since American Pickers lost its good luck charm Frank Fritz, things have been going downhill for the show. The latest season has lost a lot of viewers thus leading to plummeting ratings. However, it isn’t just the show that has been dealing with challenging times. American Pickers star Danielle Colby has fans worried with her latest Instagram post. What did she reveal? Keep reading to find out!

American Pickers Star Danielle Colby Is ‘Devastated’

While Danielle has yet to come to terms with Frank’s firing, she revealed another problem. The 46-year-old shared that her second home, Puerto Rico, was devastated by Hurricane Fiona. The category 4 storm made landfall in Puerto Rico early Monday morning on September 19, 2022, at a speed of 90 mph.

Danielle Colby YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As revealed on History Channel’s official website, “Danielle currently spends her free time in Puerto Rico, continuing to aid in the rebuild of the Island while dedicating her time to orphanages, animal shelters, and raising awareness on the human trafficking crisis.”

Danielle Colby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

As per The Sun, the reality star is unable to visit since the storm crashed. Revealing her frustrations on Instagram, she wrote, “It has been so challenging being away from home this long and knowing that Hurricane Fiona has destroyed so much and impacted our loved ones. Stay kind to each other and remember to lead with love.”

Danielle Colby Slams Frank Fritz For His Behavior On The Set

Following Frank’s sudden departure from the show, Danielle talked about his behavior on the set and even went as far as to slam him. She said, “I have personally watched everything over the last decade. Frank caused so much pain for himself that it has been hard to watch. I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell.”

Danielle Colby YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

While she bashed Frank for his behavior, she was all praises for Mike Wolfe and dubbed him a ‘friend and big brother.’

Fans Upset With Frank Fritz’s Replacement Robbie Wolfe

While Frank is no longer associated with American Pickers, Colby remains a staple cast member on the show. As a replacement for Frank, Mike’s brother Robbie was introduced as a cast member. However, contrary to the makers’ belief, Frank’s replacement wasn’t welcomed by fans.

Talking about this change, one American Pickers fan tweeted, “Until they bring Frank Fritz back it will be referred to as ‘American Stinkers’ and is practically unwatchable with Mike’s drunk brother.”

“Bring back Frank Fritz. Your show is a major snoozer since he left!” wrote another.

Do you think Frank’s stint in the show was the only thing keeping it afloat? Do you want the former American Pickers star to return? Finally, what do you think of Danielle’s latest post?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Do not forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more on American Pickers!

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  1. Mike and Danielle make a good team and can build the show back. Robbie is a goof ball and no real contribution. Personally I don’t see the Frank mystique waddling around looking for goofy oil cans. He never provides any information we’d like to have. He’s just a mascot. Mike and Danielle can make it happen if given a chance. They don’t need a mascot.

  2. I won’t watch the show if Frank doed not come back. I do not care for Robbie on there he has no class.

  3. Mike worked with Frank throughout his battle with alcoholism and that had to be difficult. Then with covid, a back operation and now a devastating stroke, it’s just over for Frank. Mike is the backbone of the show and he will continue.

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