‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Outraged Over Martha Bath’s Loss

Martha Bath on 'Jeopardy!' in 2022 - YouTube/Jeopardy!

Martha Bath quickly became a Jeopardy! fan favorite this week after sharing details about her experience on the show 50 years ago. Viewers were astounded by the way she remembered things, but that amazement turned to outrage when her time on the game show came to a quick end. Many people felt her loss was unfair. Keep reading to see why.

Martha Reminisces About The Vintage Game Show

Martha Bath grabbed the attention, and hearts, of many Jeopardy! fans this week after she shared details about her experience on the show 50 years ago. At the time, Art Fleming hosted the game show in New York.

Back then, Martha took home $40 and a set of Encyclopedias that she still has today. People were even more shocked to discover Martha even remembered the names of the other contestants on the show. Sharing this had many people reminiscing about the game show’s long history and made her an instant favorite, which made it hard to see her go.

Jeopardy! Fans Hate To See Her Go

Normally, when Jeopardy! fans don’t agree with the outcome of a game show it is because they believe something was done poorly by the host. However, this time they acknowledged everything was done fair and square. Viewers simply didn’t want to see her go.

Going into the final round, Martha was in second place with $15,600. Michael, Thursday night’s winner, had $18,600 going into Final Jeopardy! Lynda entered the round with only $3,200.

Martha Bath entering the final round of 'Jeopardy!' - YouTube/Jeopardy!

Credit: YouTube/Jeopardy!

The clue that won Michael the game was, “In 2011 Leland, Mississippi, where Jim Henson grew up, honored Henson & his Muppets by renaming a bridge this, also a song title.” All three players answered the clue correctly with “What is Rainbow Connection?” It was Michael that wagered enough money to pull in the win though.

He ended the game with a total of $31,201, ahead of Martha and Lynda. Fans are upset and not because he didn’t deserve to win (he buzzed in the first 50.88% of the time). They are upset because they don’t feel this was a fair way for Martha to go out. After all, she got the answer right.

It Came Down To Speed, Not Smarts

Fans who were upset about Martha’s loss took to Reddit to discuss last night’s show. “I liked Martha very much and would like to have seen more of her. The fact that she got to be on Jeopardy twice in her lifetime tells me that set of Encyclopedias paid off,” one person wrote.

Martha Bath's first 'Jeopardy!' appearance in 2022 - Youtube/Jeopardy!

Credit: YouTube/Jeopardy!

Others weren’t so kind to Michael. “Good for her coming back to Jeopardy after 50 years.  I can’t believe that guy won. Hope he loses tomorrow.” A few people stated they felt like it was “no way to go out” for Martha, a Jeopardy! veteran.

The two individuals had nearly identical stats from the game. It simply came down to Martha’s ability to buzz in quickly and her final wager.

Unfortunately, last night was Martha’s last time appearing on the show. Viewers will be able to watch how the next episode of Jeopardy! pans out for Michael tonight at 7 p.m. EST on ABC.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. I am a huge Jeopardy fan. I’m embarrassed by all of the criticism directed toward the show/hosts since Alex passed. The man won fair and square. That’s all we need to know. Those who throw criticisms out so quickly and easily need to get a life and learn some manners. SMH. May I’m, Ken, the judges and the producers have all been a target of the fans ire many times. Enough! Get on with the show and enjoy it.

  2. I have often believed that some of the categories are unfair to all but one player. Also, this has happened so often, I’m not sure this isn’t rigged to favor one player! And particularly since Alex is no longer the host.

    1. Game shows are very heavily regulated with the penalties to anyone cheating are very severe. Jeopardy is highly regulated. Checkout Game Show Scandals and you will see how and why they are heavily regulated. Shit happens but Cheating does not.

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