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‘Jeopardy!‘ Contestant Stuns Everyone With Wild Secret

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Jeopardy! has a new winner. Martha Bath won the game against contestants Christopher Pennant & Emmett Stanton. The retired CPA from Seattle, Washington, beat the three-day champion, Emmett Stanton. However, that isn’t what got the fans’ attention as the episode aired.

New Jeopardy! Winner Has Been On The Game Show Before

Although Emmett maintained his winning streak for three days straight, Martha defeated the writer on the fourth day. Before her victory in the game, she revealed something that stunned viewers as well as Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings.

Martha Bath YouTube Jeopardy!

[Source: YouTube]

During the game, Martha revealed that she was on the show even before the late Alex Trebek started hosting in 1984. As the show started, during the Q&A segment, the host Ken asked Martha, “This is not your first rodeo.”

She responded, “That is correct. 50 years ago this spring, I was on the original daytime show with Art Fleming in New York.”

“Wow,” replied Ken while Martha continued, “I won $40 and a set of encyclopedias and I still have them.”

Ken Jennings YouTube Jeopardy!

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Ken quipped, “You still have the encyclopedias- or the $40?”

Martha replied that she didn’t have the $40 anymore. With an encouraging tone, Ken said, “We’re gonna send you home with more than $40 tonight.”

Martha Bath Takes Home Much More Than $40

It seems like Ken’s words came true as Martha not only won the game but also went home with a lot more than $40. As the three contestants made their way to the Final Jeopardy! round, Emmett was in the lead after the Daily Double Wager worth $10K. This brought his total to $22K. Martha, on the other hand, had a total of $15,400 & Chris went in with $10,800.

The Final Jeopardy! clue read: “Perhaps the most famous picture of him was taken in New Jersey in 1951 as he was annoyed by paparazzi on his 72nd birthday.”

Jeopardy! YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Emmett, who had made some massive wagers in the previous games, also went big in this game as well. He bet a whopping $10K, but it didn’t work in his favor this time. Martha’s luck shot up and she answered with ‘Albert Einstein’ & revealed that she wagered $15.4K.

This brought her total to $30,800 or in Ken’s words, “if we count 1972, $30,840.”

Jeopardy! Fans Celebrate Martha’s Big Win

Fans took to Reddit to discuss this fantastic episode. One wrote, “I literally yelled with joy when Martha won. I decided about two minutes into the episode that I would die for her!”

Another wrote, “Way to go, Martha! Some of us Boomers haven’t lost our marbles yet.”

Jeopardy! Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

“So cool seeing an Art Fleming era contestant back on the show and winning!! I almost thought Emmett was going to pull another comeback!” chimed the third fan.

Did you watch the latest Jeopardy! episode? And, did you root for Martha to win? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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