’90 Day Fiance’ See Nicole Nafziger’s Daughter May All Grown Up

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90 Day Fiance children are always the ones who take breakups the hardest. They tend to find the bonus parent that they never had in their parent’s new partner. Such was the case for Nicole Nafziger’s daughter, May. She had to deal with an interesting situation as a toddler when her mom fell in love with Azan Tefou. Nicole had no problem leaving her little girl with her parents to travel to meet Azan in Morrocco. However, when she returned, she took May with her and tried to impose the fatherly role on Azan. There were a lot of conflicts, more than the couple already had. In the end, they parted ways but fans most definitely fell in love with wide-eyed May. So, what does she look like now? Read on to see the picture.

A 90 Day Fiance Bad Romance

When Nicole met Azan on a dating app, she decided she was going to Morrocco for five weeks to see if they had an in-person connection. This meant leaving her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, May behind with her parents. They tried to make it work until she confessed that she had cheated on him. Despite this, he still asked her to marry him. Unfortunately, she could not afford to sponsor him and her mother refused. Luckily, her father said he would be a co-sponsor so she went back with May to visit but this made matters worse.

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He had his own feelings on parenting and she disagreed. May was so little, she just wanted to be loved and have fun. Finally, Nicole went back right at the beginning of the pandemic but got stuck there for five months. She would share how she missed May, especially since she was growing up. Eventually, she made it back to America, and she and Azan parted ways in 2021. Now, Nicole and May have been focusing on having adventures and enjoying life.

All Grown Up

The 90 Day Fiance alum has been constantly sharing pictures of May as she continues to blossom into a sweet little thing. Nicole posts pictures of May on her Instagram and talks about how much she loves Disney and her little cousin. She also shares updates about what she is doing and it seems she is still working at Starbucks. Now, she has shared a photo of herself and May in the water and fans cannot believe how grown up the little girl is.

90 Day Fiance/Instagram/Nicole Nafziger
Nicole, May

She is roughly seven years old now but is absolutely adorable and looks as happy as can be. “Great Pic Mae is so Beautiful and grown up and you are Beautiful too,” one follower commented. Another added: “Oh my goodness , May has grown . So pretty. Love you both.” It is great to see both of them thriving but it is even more incredible to see how big May has gotten.

Can you believe how grown up May is? Would you like to see them in a 90 Day Fiance update? Let us know in the comments below.;

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