Nicole Nafziger Gets BLASTED For Making Money Off Tragic Death

Nicole Nafziger Credit: YouTube

Former 90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger is in hot water. She has always stirred some sort of controversy during her time on the hit reality series. Now, she may have crossed a line she cannot come back from. Right after the passing of a Season 2 90 Day cast member, Nicole took to her Instagram stories to share a link to an article. Followers and fans believe what she did was extremely tasteless to attempt to profit off of death like that.

Nicole Nafziger’s Shady Past

Viewers first met Nicole on Season 4 of 90 Day when she was dating Azan Tefou from Morocco. The two first crossed paths via an online dating app. She soon decided it was serious enough for her to head over to Morocco for five weeks to be with Azan. The only caveat was that she would be leaving behind her toddler daughter, much to her parent’s chagrin. Unfortunately, the couple faced many ups and downs when she arrived in his country.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

He was surprised she was much bigger than he had anticipated. At the same time, she was hurt that his culture would not permit them to be affectionate in any way. Eventually, Nicole reveals she has been unfaithful to Azan but he still proposes. However, she refuses to be a part of his culture and religion. They end up being unable to wed as she cannot afford the money for his visa. Furthermore, her mother won’t co-sponsor him and it is her stepfather who ultimately steps in.

90 Day Fiance Nicole and Azan
Always Nicole| Instagram

As they continue their journey, Nicole flew back to be with Azan with her daughter, May. They both had different ways of disciplining her which caused more issues. Then, at the beginning of the pandemic, she flew back alone to see Azan and ended up getting stuck there for five months. Her daughter was back in America with her family and it just seemed highly irresponsible. Not long after she returned home, she and Azan called it quits for good. After all of this, one would hope Nicole’s moral compass would be much higher. Sadly, she has yet to learn her lesson.

Profiting Off Death?

Yesterday, TV Shows Ace shared Jason Hitch had passed away from COVID complications. He was only 45. Hitch had been featured on Season 2 of 90 Day alongside Cassia Tavares whom he ultimately divorced. Danielle Jbali, who was on the same season, sent out her condolences alongside a photo of a cast trip. Yet, Nicole Nafziger went another route. In her IG story, she had a link to an article about his death.

Credit: Nicole/Cassia IG
Credit: Nicole/Cassia IG

It did not appear that she had an actual memory with Hitch or even really knew of him so it was simply a click for money. Hitch’s ex-wife, Cassia saw this and did not take it laying down. She called Nicole out by noting she understands the “link in bio BS.” However, she will never comprehend using death for profit. Nicole still has the link up and has yet to respond.

90 day fiance Jason Hitch Youtube

What do you think of Nicole’s behavior? Tacky or does she truly not know any better? Let us know in the comments.


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