Wells Adams Reveals Emotional Moment During Wedding To Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams via YouTube

Fans were so excited to see Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland finally tie the knot after having to postpone due to the pandemic. They finally had their special day and now they are opening up a bit more about it and the emotions they felt that day. Wells is sharing one very emotional moment for him. Keep reading to find out when it was and what he did.

Wells Adams shares most emotional moment from their wedding

The Bachelor in Paradise bartender opened up about a very special moment he shared with actress Sarah Hyland at their wedding. US Weekly shared everything Wells had to say.

Wells admits he was very emotional on his wedding day. He said, “I cried the entire time.” He continued, “It was not good, and it was really funny. Cause there were a lot of [Bachelor in Paradise] producers there being like, ‘Where is this when we are filming the show, you know?’ But it was funny.’”

Wells continued his story saying that the Modern Family actress told him if he didn’t cry when he saw her walking down the aisle for the first time that she was going to be very upset. Wells said, “And I was like, ‘That’s a lot of pressure. I’m not an actor.’”

wells adams and sarah hyland via Insta(1)
wells adams and sarah hyland via Insta(1)

However, he didn’t need to act at all. Wells says he was crying like a baby when he saw his soon-to-be bride walking toward him. He said, “Luckily enough, I was crying like a baby when she turned the corner with her dad and then I was hugging her dad and I was crying with him, then reading the vows, I was crying and you know what … she didn’t really cry at all. And I was like, ‘What the heck what’s going on!’”

More about their big day

Wells said everyone had a blast at their wedding. In fact, he joked that he and Sarah said they wished they had been invited to a wedding like theirs because it was a blast.

Wells even noted that a well-known person got really turned up at their reception. He said he didn’t want to reveal their name but he noted how great it all was to see it.

Overall, Sarah and Wells had a perfect wedding day.

Fans will be able to catch Wells on Bachelor in Paradise premiering on September 27 on ABC. Plus, he will be starring in a new show.

Best in Dough premieres Monday, September 19, on Hulu. Fans will be able to see different delicious ways to make pizza.

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