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Wells Adams Explains Waiting For Perfect Moment To Wed

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Very soon Wells Adams of Bachelor Nation and Sarah Hyland of Modern Family and Love Island will be getting married. Like a lot of couples in the past couple of years, they had to postpone several times due to COVID. The two are still holding on to their dream wedding. He said sure they could just go to the courthouse for a quick wedding. Yet, that’s not what they’re about. They want the wedding and the party with their friends.

Sharing a clip from Love Island on his story where Sarah is talking to the contestants he joked, “@sarahhyland is a s*bot.” Similarly, the two of them are very supportive of the other’s career. On Instagram Wells said, “two years of would-be wedded bliss. I love you to Pluto and back.”

Wells Adams, TikTok
Wells Adams, TikTok

Of her fiancé, on his birthday Sarah shared a post of the two of them. She said, “no one is more kind, committed, hardworking, and loving as you. I’m lucky to be marrying this Taurus king.”

Wells Adams Wanted To Address The Comments

Wells wants something made clear because people ask all the time why he won’t go ahead and get married instead of waiting. He said anytime they post an engagement photo, people are like, “just go ahead and get married already.”

Finally, Wells said they put down a deposit, they’re not losing the money. They’ll be getting married at a venue they love on their planned date there. Moreover, no one has to understand why, but they should chill out and let them have their day.

Wells Adams, TikTok
Wells Adams, TikTok

One of the things he enjoyed the most was figuring out the food. Tasting the cake and determining food choices were some of his favorite activities. He said despite going truffle heavy he is excited about their choices. Wells added, “there are some special things like from restaurants that we love and so there are some things that are specific to us.”

Will There Be Bachelor Nation Stars In Attendance?

Wells noted a lot of people from Bachelor Nation are going to be there to celebrate. The wedding party will be family only. According to Bachelor NationBen Higgins and Derek Peth were in photos from his stag party.

The groom also joked that he never wants to plan a wedding again. It’s been a hard process and he’s looking forward to celebrating with their friends and family. Lastly, Wells said, “every time I’ve ever talked to anyone, they always say to just go to France and elope and that they wish they did that. Now that we’re doing it, I totally get it.”

Do you think the two of them are dragging it out or making the right decision for them? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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